My Band site. Looking for ideas and honest feedback - Please take a look and let me know what you think.

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I made this site for my band through Yolasite and upgraded to a professional domain. Although I always appreciate feedback from my friends, I am not always sure they are completely honest. I will truly appreciate it if you guys could look at my site and provide me with some constructive feedback and ways to improve the site. Thanks a bunch. The site is
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Brennan

I just love the banner! Very cleverly done! I actually think your homepage may have more of a stronger impact if you did not have all those hands along the bottom of your screen.

You seem to really favor adding background images to your pages. While this can be a really neat idea to add that visual aspect, it makes the reading quite difficult. Can you perhaps think of alternate ways of including those images?

Overall though, I think you have a great job and it presents as being interesting and informative. :)
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Hi Brennan,

I want to say first of all the content is great and you've done a great job constructing the site --- but you asked for an honest opinion so i'm going to give it to you and only talk about the stuff i think does not work.

Websites need consistency so people feel at home and on every page, its important they feel they know where they are so they can concentrate on the content.
With this in mind i think you need to standardize the backgrounds - the same 1 on every page, for sure not a black page then a page with a white background. Your first 3 pages have totally different backgrounds which make the site feel untidy.
The best kind of background images work like the one on this page.

The home page could do with some content - as a user i don't get anything from the home page that makes me understand what the sites about and why i should continue through the pages. The mission page content could be added to the home page - actually a few of the pages could be grouped together.

Remember to add your favorite icon on every page.

If you want your site to be found by search engines you will have to fill out the meta fields in the content side bar - good window titles and keywords are very important.

I hope these points give you some ideas to work with.

Lee. -
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I truly appreciate your feedback. Could you clarify Point # 3 & 4? How do I add my favorite icon to each and what function should it be able to do ?

How do I fill out meta fields in the content side bars and What are good window titles and such>

Sorry If I sound illiterate, I just want to be sure. Thanks!
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Just so you know everyone helping you right now started out here knowing almost nothing about web building......So always feel free to ask about anything you are not sure about.
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Hi Brennan

I believe Duke is offline right now.

To add your own favicon to your site (the little image that appears next to your URL 0f the browser window), this is what you need to do:

1. Click on the Properties sidebar.
2. You will see a "Favorites Icon" field (the second last box from the top). Click on the browse button to the right of the box to browse your desktop or file manager for an image to upload.
3. To see what your favicon will look like, save and preview your page.

Please note that Internet Explorer doesn't allow favicons to be displayed next to your URL or on the tab of the window. The favicon will be displayed if the site is bookmarked and in your Favourites folder. The best option would be to change to Firefox which does show the favicons in all three areas.

If you would like more information on how to create a cross browser favicon, please check out this thread where one of our Champs has given some instructions on how to do this: Cross Browser Favicon.

In regards to the metatags, if you click on the Properties Tab, you will see a place for the Window Title (title tag), Description (description tag), Keywords (keywords tag) and Google Webmaster Code (meta tag to verify your site with with Google Webmaster).

Here are links to our tutorials with more information on both of these topics:

Adding title, description and keywords meta tags

Verifying your site with Google Webmaster

Yola has developed a short series of SEO Tutorials which will take you through the process of building, maintaining and promoting your website with search engine optimization in mind, here is a link: SEO Tutorials. You can also watch a webinar at, Introduction to SEO.

Please let us know if further clarification is needed.