My Google calendar loaded twice onto the same page

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I uploaded my Google calendar to my website and it appears twice on the live website. However, when I go to edit the page and take one calendar down, there is only one widget that appears in edit mode. How do I fix this?
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hmmm it could be as simple as the fact that you have duplicate scripts in one HTML widget. Copy the code from your google calendar again and ensure that you:

A) Copy the entire code
B) Either use a fresh HTML widget or ensure that you erase everything previously in the old HTML widget before you paste the latest script.

If that is not it then I would try the following to see if the sitebuilder isn't hiding an invisible widget which contains the same script for your calendar.

Sometimes with certain scripts once they are pasted into an HTML widget wind up vanishing so we (I have done it many times myself) paste the same script into a second HTML widget thinking that the first is not there as we cannot see it in the sitebuilder. Two identical scripts sometimes lets the second show but the first hide in the sitebuilder while showing two in the published site.

1) Copy the google calendar script and paste it into an empty wordpad or notepad document. (verify that it is not duplicated)
2) Delete the HTML widget which contains the google calendar on your page
3) Click the little refresh round arrow in the sitebuilder's toolbar

If you see an HTML widget with your calendar appear in your sitebuilder then that is the hidden one that I spoke of and you can simply leave it alone alone.

If however you don't see an HTML widget with your calendar appear then see step (4)

4) Drag a two column widget onto your page
5) Drag a new HTML widget onto the left or right side of the two column widget from step (4) and paste the script from step (1) from above or a new script copied from your google calendar account (recommended)
6) Click preview or publish to verify that only one calendar is showing

The use of the two column widget sometimes acts like a jail cell for scripts who don't play well together on a page.

If that fails to work then post your URL and we will give it a look over.

Happy site building

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