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i would like some much appreciated feedback on my site. I realized the main page took an insane amount of time to load using dial-up so I took out alot. i am trying to make the site available to anyone and figured the long loading time would turn potential customers away. So if anyone is using dial-up, please leave me feedback and tell me how long it takes to load. But any feedback would be welcome :)
I spent over a year working on it before I finally decided to publish it and its still under construction in some areas.

Thanks! - K9Clothing
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Posted 10 years ago

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Monique, VP of Customer Support

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I am not using dial up. However it did load very fast for me on my ADSL line.

I think your site looks great. It has a clean simple layout. You have managed to use one of our simple styles and customize it so that it is stamped with your unique look and feel. The clothes are the most prominent. That is as it should be, because they are what you want to draw attention to.

All good sites are permanently under construction. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think that they have to build a site until it is finished, then publish it and that is the end of the work. What you should really do is get the most important features on your site as good as you can make them, and then publish. After publishing you should update continually. This will keep people coming back for more and make the search engines happy.

I would have made the buttons a little smaller, but that is just a personal preference. I would like to hear what others have to say!

Nice work!
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Thanks Monique! You are right, my site will never be completed. I'll be adding new styles and designs on a regular basis. That is simply there saying the site as a "whole" will be complete (hopefully sooner!) than the date on the homepage. Then I can take a breather and start the regular updates!!! But I am really glad you like it :)
Thanks for the feedback!
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Wow. This is an amazing 'Synthasite-site'!
My only criticism is nothing to do with the Site itself but the postage price for the clothing, $13.99 (£7) does seem a bit excessive for a hoodie. Other than that, your site is amazing, as are the clothing designs.
You should consider getting a .com such as "" or "" both are available for about £9 a year ($18) from .
Also, how did you get 'custom' navigation buttons at the top of the page (i.e. 'Guys' 'Ladies' 'Juniors' etc)? and which template did you use? Thanks
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It seems like Me and Skinyeddy have same view and questions!!
I have asked you the same questions about template and menu in other thread!! though i also wanna know about toolbar ;-)

In india, Clothes(rather everything :-P) are dirt cheap, 2 dollars for a t-shirt and 16 dollars for a complete evening/cocktail wear.. ha ha!!

Rest your site is awesome, though i loved that flash banner. I never thought your site would look good without it. But you have miraculously proved me wrong!!
Its looking clean, eye pleasing and well done.
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K9. Try this link out to check your site's speed.

Your site loaded in about 2.5 minutes for me. I Am on dial-up
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Thanks for the responses!

skinnyeddy: I wish i could change the shipping charges but I am in the US and I assume you are in the UK. There is nothing I can do about that, at least not yet. And yes, I am considering getting a .com domain and $18/year sounds awesome!! I will def look into that.

Monica: That IS cheap, haha. And yes, sadly, I did take out the flash banner because I tested it on dial-up and it took over 10 min to play the banner which is too long. I would like to appeal to everyone, even those with dial-up. My girlfriend works for Ambercrombie & Fitch and she says that some prices are lower and some high on my site but overall, leave it as is so I am quite happy :) I have had buyers already and am planning on a Ebay store launch early next year to help promote K9!
Also, about the toolbar, lol. I used :)

Thrundar: Thanks for that link! 2.5 min is MUCH better than 10!!! lol
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I'd pay a little more for something that is original and handmade. K9, if you are creating your clothes yourself - ie you do the screenprinting and stuff, then you might also like to consider an Etsy store:
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Thanks Ruth! I will take that into consideration :)