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Hi Guys,

I need some expert HTML help with an order form of mine.
If you look at my site: you will see I
have an order form that spans a couple of pages. I am saving cookies
from page to page and on my "checkout page" the complete order is
submitted with the "mailto" instruction.


<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=" ?subject=RF Parts Order Form" ENCTYPE="text/plain">


When I hit the submit button in FF and Safari, Outlook Express opens
up and here's what I get - which is correct.

The problem I'm having is with IE 6.0 - 8.0 beta (tried them all)
When I hit the submit button I get the following message.

When I click on OK, it opens up my Outlook Express, but there is no
message displayed. The "To..." email address and the "Subject" is filled
in though. It's just the message that's not.

I've been all over the net trying to find an answer to this and was wondering
if one of the techies could maybe check my code and see if they can spot
anything out of place. Hope I'm not asking to much.

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  • thinking I should have checked this in IE before completing the whole site.... stupid huh?

Posted 10 years ago

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Just noticed that GS duplicates the email address,
therefore the HTML code looks wrong here in the post.
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Hi Boomer,

Can you try this code instead - note the space has been removed before "?subject".

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=" Parts Order Form" ENCTYPE="text/plain">

You can also refer to the following article -
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Thanks kershnee,

My code actually looks the same as your's except for the space before "?subject"
For some or other reason GS duplicates the email and adds the "href"
I have removed the space but this still does not work in IE.

After some more searching I read somewhere that Internet Explorer does
not suport the "mailto" command within a "form"

If this is true, is there possibly some other way to submit my form that
you or anyone else knows of.

Another thing I did try was to create a form with Form Assembly.
This was a seperate form just for my checkout page.
Form Assembly allows you to add some custom HTML to their forms.
I tried to include my "collected data" into their form along with
the customers info but this did not work either.

Any sugestions ???
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Hey bud

I know you have already done your site but try using Paypal to do your sales as they keep track of cookies for you and also offers a shopping cart. I believe that regardless of the amount of pages you have it should work for you error free.

Give it a try on two test pages....

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Thanks buddy,
But unfortunatly I can't put prices on the site. ( I have 3 pricing structures)
We also don't really deal with the public.

I carry a lot of stock but I don't always have everything my clients
are looking for. I would hate for them to pay for something that I don't
have at that particular time and can't get hold of.

P.S. I was putting out fires at the factory last night. Nearly lost everything...
Someone threw a lit cigarette in a dustbin. Luckily I smelt something burning
as I was locking up. That person's in big, big shit this morning.
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Boomer, so glad to hear your caught the fires in time!!
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Thanks Ruth,
I had nightmares about it last night.
It was really bad - flames about 1m high.
It completley melted the plastic bin and started burning one of the counter tops.

The problem now days with the bad economy and the increase in insurance
fraud because of this, is that they would have thought it was arson.

I'm just so glad I caught it in time..... Phew.