Need to find a way to set up a clickable link from an item list to display item photo. This is a site not a store.

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Sorry for the ambiguous topic header, had no idea how to word it. I am in the very early stages still of building my site, this will remain a site not a store but I have great lists of trading cards and would like to find a way that if a person clicks on a certain card name it will open or display a picture of that particular trading card.

Do I need to upload the hundreds of pictures to some place like Photobucket, Fotki? I would prefer not to have entire albums show up just a single particular card at a time.

This then leads to the next part - once the first part is solved if I was to add a Google search(or custom search?) on my site, if a person knew the name of the card they wanted to look for is this search purely only on MY site and not the entire web?

Thank you in advance.

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Posted 10 years ago

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You could have the link on your site like "Babe Ruth" and when the click on it they will see the picture. Is that what you want? If so, just go into the link editor (the chain looking think) and select the picture as the link. For the second part, as I know of there is nothing out there that you can use that just displays your site. If there is, I'll be watching.

Hope this helps-Dan
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OMG Dan - thank you thank you - that's exactly what I was wanting to do.....happy :) Only thing now is the painful task of either scanning about a 1000 trading cards or trying to find a decent pic on the net to use.

I tried doing just 1 and selected the picture from my own computer as i'm not certain how much space I have here on Synthasite, alternatively I guess to save space on my own computer would be to upload to a Photobucket account and link that way.

You have made my day :)

Yes would be awesome if there was a searchable way just within your own site, in my case it would save people heaps of time scrolling scrolling if they could just type the card name in at the top or something.

Once again a huge thank you.

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Hello INDI - just a few extra points to think about.

1. You can upload all the files you want to Synthasite, don't worry about that, i think 15MB is the single file upload limit but you can upload as many as you like, 1000 pictures for example is ok.
2. There are free search's for your site, they do include an advert on the search results but you are getting a free search, so its worth it.
I use and recommend - -- go and see it working at
The only thing i would say is that a search would only find the page the matching text was on, so if they were all on the same page it would be almost useless.

I used to collect Garbage Pail Kids back in the eighties, i love collections in general, when your finished your site post a link so i can check it out.

Good luck - Lee.
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Hey Lee, thanks for your response, I was just coming back here to post cos I hit a mega major BIG brick wall :(

I was so happy and thankful (still am) of the direction Dan gave me but what transpired after that just went splat and many hours of bad words :(

I linked the first card name and the pic came up so I was happy happy and ran back and posted here, then someone put up a brick wall......I uploaded a ton of pics to a brand new Photobucket account and really had no idea which of the links I was to use to link it back to the card title, be it "direct link, image link" who knows - not me obviously :(

I tried a few different ways but unfortunately after I linked the very first card title and even tho I tried both from an "external URL" meaning Photobucket and also directly from my puter, each card name I clicked on came back and displayed the picture of the first card :(

Thanks heaps for the info on the free search, i'll check out your link when i'm done posting this :)

I'm so very glad you told me about how much upload I have here, that is a god send I tell you cos trying to bounce back and forth was making me a lil

Yes, when I'm finished I will post the link for you to see and I'd also like some general input and direction.


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Hi indi.

I have read the above and i wish to alert you if you are uploading images of trading cards and you do not own the copyright you are at risk of getting sued over $250,000. and min5 years imprisonment.

Thought i should let you know

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Shaq I may be using pics already on the net to save me a lot of scanning time but I DO PERSONALLY own every single trading card I am listing on my site. There are many many sites out there who have uploaded and used images, what about on Ebay when a person goes to sell a card - they put a picture of the card they are selling (be it an actual scan of the card in their possession or some people who don't have a scanner will use a picture uploaded from the net).

I think Konami would be more interested in tracking down people who make counterfeits of their cards and profit from that.

I was making my website for enjoyment and to further show off my vast collection and so far was enjoying it, think I'll take my chances.

Thank you for your concern but I can honestly say that the cards I will be listing on my site ARE OWNED BY ME :)