New site builder is terrible!

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Every time you change the site builder, it gets worse. Why can you not leave something that works fine alone! Don't know what you paid, but just like the last "upgrade", you are being ripped-off. Total crap.

Bad enough you took away the old text options and changed it to the very hard to use and creativity limiting style designer, but now:

Can not load widgets properly. They do not drop. They do not drop where you want them. makes the screen scroll away from where you want it. Terrible.

Click upload image and nothing happens. Click again. Click Again. Click again. Total crap.

No preview screen... I have to publish and look at the live version after every little edit to see my changes as they will look without the widget boarders? this is ridiculous! And no, I do not want to turn the boarders on and off every 2 seconds.

Top 1 1/2" of my screen is wasted by gigantic publish buttons and a row of things seldom used.

You made all the widget buttons so big you have to scroll over to get to what you want. Why? It's absolute pain in the arse. Do they really need to be so big? Are you marketing to vision impaired clients now? Do you feel we are all idiots and need both a huge icon and the words? Why can't they all be visible without having to scroll over every time you want an HTML or Youtube? Why do you have to make it more difficult then it needs to be?

There are many more issues, but not enough time to list them all. Nor do I need to do your debugging work. Or do I? It's been total crap since 2 "upgrades" ago, and nothing ever gets fixed.

I have brought you countless silver customer over the last 5 years, and I no longer can stand to use your now horrible interface. You used to have one of the best platforms, now, after the last 2 "upgrades", you are by far the worst one out there. I will be looking for a way to move all of my sites and all of my client's site out of yola.

If you want to tailor everything to the one-time user and make it a child's toy, have at it. It used to be a professional tool, now you are running us all away. How many sites does the one time user that needs such a simple platform create? That would be 1. Not the smartest business decision on your part to run off the multiple users... I think I now have over 100 sites published and subscribed to silver. They will all be going away soon.

I can not imagine how much time this will cost me - can I have the name of the programmer you used so I can send him the bill?
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Guido Graphics

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  • so anoyed I can not put it into words.

Posted 5 years ago

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Laura Thomas

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Hello Guido Graphics,

We're sorry to hear you continue to be
disappointed with the direction we are going in. On some of these topics
I believe we will have to agree to disagree, but I will do my best to
address your concerns and feedback.

Widget dropping: We are aware of widget dropping on Firefox being problematic for Windows users and are working to address that.

loading: We are not aware of image loading issues so long as they are
standard file types optimized for the web. If you 'd like us to look at
this closer with you please tell us more about image file types and
sizes you are uploading and we can test that.

Preview: We
actually improved the preview feature in this release allowing you both a
web and mobile preview without leaving the Sitebuilder. You can access
them via these icons:

Wasted screen space: Our new design gives more access to more tools at a glance and provides a larger design space for your content.

Widget sizes: We added icons and reduced the length of names to improve discovery for all users.

We regret that you no longer feel Yola is a good fit for your needs or a product that you can recommend. That is certainly not our intent or desire with updates. That said we do not make these changes lightly and without specific goals in mind. To that end we research best practices extensively, study customer feedback and their real time behavior using our product and spend countless hours of product and engineering time to both conceptualize and execute updates to the Sitebuilder.

We wish you the best with your move to a new host and will be happy to assist you as needed with cancelling your subscriptions or transferring your domains if you contact us here.
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Alex Ctcwwt

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Any way of giving option to continue on old version rather than upgrading to new version at this time ?
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Hello Alex,

Sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the new user interface for Sitebuilder.  It's not possible to revert to a previous version.

Hopefully you can continue to explore the new design and become more accustomed to the changes.  Our new design gives access to more tools at a glance and provides a larger design space, so as you get more familiar with the interface, you will most likely find it to be more efficient.

Please remember your inquiries are always welcome.