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I have 4 web sites on my account will i now have to pay $102 for each on their renewal dates and if so how can i cancel some of them?
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi, Chris,

No, you will not have to pay $102 on each on their renewal. First, the Bronze package is account wide, meaning you only pay the hosting fee once. After that, you can purchase as many domains or point as many as you like.

As an existing Yola Bronze subscriber, you will benefit from lower domain prices as well as a discount on the Yola Bronze package. When your domain expires you will be able to renew it at the new price (for example, $11.95 for a .com) and will be able to purchase the Bronze package at a fixed price of $23 for that year only (the cost of Bronze is actually $49.95 / year).

If you have more than one domain, your Bronze package expires on the date that the most recently purchased domain expires. When the “oldest” domain comes up for renewal, you will pay the new, lower price. When your "newest" domain comes up for renewal that will be the time to renew Bronze, which will be discounted to $23 for that first year.

Here's an example:

* You purchased two .com domains, bought six months apart.
* The new pricing will be $11.95/year for each of the domains.
* At the first domain renewal, you pay $11.95/year. Your Yola Bronze hosting package will still be active.
* When the second domain renews, it will be at $11.95/year. It will then be the time to renew Bronze.
* For the first year Bronze renewal, you can do so at a fixed, discounted price of $23.

Please Note:

If you have purchased an a la carte option, such as footer removal, but not a domain, your account will be changed to a Yola Free account. The footer will not reappear and you will not lose access to your purchased items.
Your Bronze subscription package will be renewed as a separate item to any domains.

I hope this helps to clarify.
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Where did the $49.95 per year come from? There's no mention of that in the communique. Does that mean that after this year the price of Bronze goes up to ~$50 USD?

I find the whole arrangement now so complex and it seemed reasonable in the communique but now we are seeing conditional barbs appearing and this is on the first weekend of the announcement. Please consolidate and simplify this as it is too difficult to follow and the potential confusion with domain registrations plus the package registration at various times with the conditional first/last domain time registrations is not something that will be easy in practise to follow; it will just be a headache for the future. Subscribers want a very simple strategy rather than something that will be a distraction and a worry for many I would think.
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I am Silver that is why I quoted $102!!
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Hi Chris - sorry for the misunderstanding but the same information applies - you only pay once for your Yola Silver package - the same as always. The price works out pretty much the same but the main differences is that you can buy additional domains at a greatly reduced price. So you really don't need to worry about canceling any sites as these will not affect your renewal rate at all! I hope this clears things up. If you have any questions please let us know. For additional detail see: