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I hate the New Site Builder as it is not very user friendly.
The older text system was easier - you could just highlight the text and change the colour & size as you went along.
With the New System it becomes a major task - not user friendly at all! It would be a whole lot easier if the text came colour coded etc. along with the colour scheme of the site style selected.
The whole approach to the New System text styles is just too complicated to even consider using it. Not just changing color seemed impossible but pasting and copy was more than painful with not all text copying over in its original form. I attempted it several times but ended giving up and reverting to the old system.
Please revert back to the old system and help users keep their sanity.

It would be a whole lot easier if the text came colour coded etc. along with the colour scheme of the site style selected.
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Cecilia Schubert

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Posted 6 years ago

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Cecilia Schubert

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And to make it worse I have to post this on Facebook???
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Hello Cecilia,

The new text editor is tied up with the new Style Designer. For text management you ideally would set your headings and paragraphs before you start and standardise your text system. This means that the 6 or so Heading settings would necessarily cover all contingencies in your site design.

If you plan on doing a lot of ad-hoc customising of text, then you should use the "old text editor" which is offered on the text edit bar. You would also need to disable your Style Designer as the two at this stage are almost incompatible in a setup sense.

In defense of the new text editor, there are a lot of pluses in standardising the text setup. It gives your site a more consistent and sharp look. For people who have another vision other than the standardised, this is true of a number of people and groups of people, the old text editor is a much easier mechanism to limitlessly design your text presentation.

Yola have promised to develop dove-tailed inline text enhancement and decoration with their new Style Designer/Text Editor and this is a work in progress or a work in procrastination(?) :).
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Thank you for your explanation, Gop. To dispel any doubts, enhancing the new Text Widget is certainly a work in progress.

Cecilia, as Gop mentioned, if you don't like the new Text Widget, feel free to use the old Text Widget which is still available to all users who signed up before the release of the new Text Widget. Design consistency is an important aspect of professionally looking websites which is why the new Text Widget is strongly connected to the Style Designer.

I would object that it's more user-friendly to add font colour inline to each individual Text Widget. This is in fact more laborious than setting up things once in the Style Designer in order to have them applied across your whole website and get a consistent site design. That said, we've realized that some inline formatting options may be useful in a few instances, so we're busy working out solutions for this.

Copy/pasting from other sources has never been recommended by Yola. On the opposite, we've advised against it because it can break your page or whole site. The old Text Widget allowing to paste pre-formatted text has always been a huge problem for Yola Support as users were experiencing problems after doing so. This is why we're very happy that the new Text Widget strips pre-formatting automatically, so that pages won't break any more or unwanted effects are caused, and users will be able to set the formatting from the Style Designer.

For more information about our reasons to offer the new Text Widget the way we do, please refer to Monique's last reply on this thread.

Thank you for your feedback.