New site needs feedback!

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My new site needs feedback Please!
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Hi dynamic! It's great to see fellow Canadians on Yola!! =)

I like how you've personalized your banners and made your site easy to navigate. I do have a number of comments but please know that they are only suggestions and you do with them as you will. This site is your creation and it needs to reflect who you are and your vision.

1. When I go to your site, I have to admit that I feel a little overwhelmed by all the ads you have. I feel this detracts from your site. I do understand the desire to have ads since they bring in a bit of revenue. So, my suggestion would be to either put the ads at the bottom or on the sides so that the main content is all about your salon.

2. Your fashion & tips page. I like the concept of this page! I find it really long to read though. I would suggest breaking up the content into subpages. For example:
Fashion & Beauty Tips (main page) - have a short blurb about the kind of stuff you might find
- Perfect Makeup (subpage)
- Wardrobe Foundation (subpage)
- Cologne Secrets (subpage)
- Skin Care (subpage)

Here's a tutorial on how to create subpages:

If that idea doesn't appeal to you, then you could also do "anchor tags" where a person clicks on a link and it takes you to that spot on the page.
For example, across the top, you could have:
[Perfect Makeup] [wardrobe foundation] [cologne secrets] - these are all links. Then if a person clicks on a particular link, it'll bring them down to the section that talks about it.

3. Services & Prices
- I think this page could really benefit from setting everything up in a table. This will help to keep everything nice and uniform. Please look at my example. I used your prices and description to help you see what I mean:

4. Email form
- You seem to have two email forms which are exactly the same. I'm thinking this was not intentional. You should probably delete one of them. =)

I know I said a lot and I hope I didn't discourage you. You have a great start on your site. Remember, as I said, these are only suggestions. You need to do what is right for you. If you need any help along the way, please don't hesitate to ask!
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I have to agree the Ads and their placement is a bit much.
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Hello dynamic,

You certainly have done a lot of work in collecting information, data and images. That really is the hard work done in the pre-preparation of site building.

Your banner images carry a theme through with the exception of one which is a road by dawn scene. A beautiful shot but I think breaks the continuity that you have created with the rest of the banner images.

Your style selection has worked well for you. Good use of areas of the style and a reasonably difficult style to start web-building with. Your twitter ad needs to be dropped just a fraction as it seems to break the lines of the images a bit. An easy fix I think. you should be able to edge this down by inserting a text widget just below the banner area. Hit a carriage return and that will create a space for you to then carry on.

Your first page is certainly full of information and very very long. This will probably put some people off. There are two points here:

1. the forever scrolling to reach the end of the page. that can be overwhelming to a user. People generally don't want to have to scroll very much. This can be easily remedied by sub classifications of the information and creating sub menus within the category. Yola have a tutorial for this and it really is an easy thing to do.

2. The large amount of words. I've said this before on this forum so it's not a new statement. research has shown that on a landing page surfers look at four words (4 words) only. If they continue down the page then they only look at the first two words within any line of text. The rest is lost. it's a stunning fact and really disheartens web-site builders who have put their heart and soul into a project of love and hate :) It's certainly not something to throw up your hands in despair over.

Create categories. Great descriptive two word categories if you can but limit your self to a maximum of four. Create linked sub-pages out of these categories and then drop the info into these. People who are interested in the category (topic) will select the topic and they will read your information. Others won't and that's fine. What you will end up with is a much higher proportion of people who remain interested in your site. Remember they are surfers not readers. The whole object is to reduce the words on your landing page probably approaching 99%

There are some minor issues that are not important but may help just smarten the appearance of your site. There is an image of bottled products in shelves. This image content is great The image is too fuzzy though and it looks like a technical problem. Your readers will pick on that as a negative or a "don't look" point. Redo that image placement and make it crisper I think.

Thw twitter add is a nice piece of artwork. Your site is less intense in imagery than that advertisement. It distracted me a bit. Dropping the placement on the page will reduce the contrast but still be noticeable enough for people to see and react to but won't distract from your work.

I hope that his review is somewhat helpful and do remember that it's only an opinion. You have to work within the frame of what feels good to you. I have given you some background data and you are welcome to completely discard that. Realise also that others will have diferent opinions.

Finally a website for marketing is never finished. You should always be adding content and updates. reviewing old. Keep interested in it yourself.

Here is the tutorial for creating sub pages as I mentioned:
Here are a series of four essays very recently created by Emmy so that Yola users can learn how to effectively create and manage their websites to be a tool particularly for marketing. This series is invaluable.

I certainly wish you the very best of goodluck with your work and site. Well done.
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The mouse hover on your site of "Fashion and Beauty Tips" is not working correctly. I can click on the link, but the button is staying when its on mouse hover. Is it suppose to be like that?