New Sitebuilder Interface - Sucks !

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The new Sitebuilder interface is a step backwards. It fills up too much of the screen and is not as "user friendly" as the previous version.

I am all for progress but feel this change is a step backwards - not forwards !

Please can we have the style of the previous Sitebuilder interface back !
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Posted 7 years ago

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Thanks for trying out the new sitebuilder.

We are currently testing the new sitebuilder and we are happy for feedback and will be considering input from a wide variety of users as well as the data that we collect on how the new sitebuilder performs. We are looking at things like how easily people find the different widgets and editing options compared to the old version. Already it is a looking a lot better but we are continuing to assess.

In terms of your feedback: Our hope is that by keeping all the editing controls in one place it will actually open up a lot more space on your screen so that you don't have panels popping up over your page. The widget panel was particularly problematic on small screens in the old version. However, if you want even more space you can use "full screen" mode!

In all honesty, I will tell you that as much as we appreciate feedback, when someone just says "it sucks, I want the old one back" we tend to suspect that this might just be natural resistance to change. I perfectly understand because I am always one of the last to switch to a new version of any software because I naturally favor a more familiar interface. I am not saying this is the reason for your reaction, but I would like to ask you to work with it a bit more and share as much specific feedback (either positive or negative) as possible once you have given it a fair chance.

One of the reasons we are excited about the new version is that it is going to allow us to release some amazing new features that users have been requesting for a long time, so we hope everyone will give it a fair chance as we would like to build on it if it turns out to be a viable option.
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Hi Monique,

Thanks for your reply.

I assure you this is not a knee jerk reaction to change or sour grapes.

The new Sitebuilder interface would be much better if it was smaller or could be mimimised.

As it is it is too prominent on the screen especially when using a notebook or other device with a smaller screen as many users do these days, even when using the "full screen" mode.

Amazing new features are always welcome but I am sure the interface can be displayed better to the advantage of all users.

I hope you take on board my comments, which are meant to be constructive and not obstructive.
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Hello PJ

Thank you for your feedback.

You actually can minimize the new menu bar. To do this, go to full screen mode, and then tick the checkbox for "Hide all tools" right below the "Full screen" option button.

I hear what you're saying about an increasing number of internet users who use devices with smaller screens. I personally think that devices with very small screens, such as netbooks, tablet computers, and smartphones are suitable for certain things like using Social Media, browsing Online Stores with an optimized view, etc. However, to build a website it is recommendable to use at least a laptop from a certain screen size. Mine is 15 inch, and that I find just fine for using Yola SItebuilder, especially with the new Sitebuilder chrome.

We're happy about every feedback on the new Sitebuilder, and will definitely consider your comment, along with any upcoming further comments from other users. Thanks again.
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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply.

I had noticed the option to "Hide all tools" when in the "Full screen" option. Can't this be extended to be available when using the screen in "normal" display option as well.

Using smaller screen devices has increased significantly and likely to increase further. By not catering for this growing trend as a priority I feel is missing the way people work these days.

I take my notebook with me regularly as it is much more convenient than a laptop wnen out and about for working with.

I hope you can improve on the new Sitebuilder interface to take account of the expanding use of smaller screen devices.