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Morning Monique and all those at Yola.

I woke this morning to work on a new website for a client to find as others have the the text editor has been updated.

Like others, it's a bit of a shock.

None of us like change, but I can understand Yola is sitting between a rock and a hard place.
If you don't update the sitebuilder you're accused of sitting on your laurels and when you do you have the backlash because deep down nobody likes change.

Look at the backlash Facebook goes through every time it does a major update, people threaten to leave, moan and vent their displeasure but within a few weeks people carry on and forget the updates.

So, whilst I echo the the sentiments on here of other Yola users, (Yeah, for now I'm not too keen on it either) within a few weeks we'll all be using it like we've been using it forever.

A few questions though. I have over 200 websites with Yola that I have on my own accounts or accounts that are owned by customers that i've built into that are a little more web design savvy.

A few questions.

Does the update affect existing site text if it's not been touched? I've checked 20 odd sites and they seem to be in their existing format as I left them.

Copy and pasting wording from other sites seems to be reformatted and has to be adjusted to suit. Is this going to be resolved or is it not seen as a bug?

Wouldn't it be a good idea to give Yola customers a heads up when these updates are going to be rolled out? (Maybe that's a bad idea,)

The Yola FAQ's need updating when the rollouts are started. The other day I spent ages working out how to add another domain name to a website, the Yola advice was out of date as is much of the advice since the new rollouts began.

That said, I appreciate that the site designer has to move forward, but some of the updates are quite difficult to grasp for new customers, you may be killing off your new customer base by offering too many options.

The Yola Sitebuilder is still by far one of the easiest environments to build and rank a website, in that you'll always have a customer in me.

Like Monique said, maybe we should just put this down to a being a "bad day",

I still love Yola.
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Hi BigG

Thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback! To reply to your questions:

1) We have done everything within our power to ensure that existing text that has not been touched remains unaffected. This is one of the most difficult things to achieve as it is almost impossible to anticipate all the content on millions of sites with inline formatting, pasting from external sources and custom code etc. My mind boggles just thinking about it and I take my hat off to the hard working and experienced engineers and quality assurance team who manage as well as they do. To hear the insults that are leveled against this team for which I have the very highest regard can be difficult to bear. However, I do understand where the frustration is coming from and of course we want to make sure that any bugs are prevented or are fixed asap if they do occur. This is one of the reasons why this upgrade has taken so long, is so terribly overdue and has been tested and retested prior to release making it very resource intensive on our side. I am thrilled to hear that your sites look good so far. That is the result we were hoping for! Although we are working to fix any bugs that are reported so do let us know if you notice anything amiss.

2) Stripping out of formatting is by design and is one of the biggest motivations for this upgrade. One of the biggest pain points with the old text editor was when users copied and pasted formatted text from MS Word or other websites which then broke their page or even their entire site. I would say it is one of the most labor intensive problems we had to deal with in support and engineering and it has caused so many users so much frustration and grief. However, in addressing this, there is no way to avoid stripping out formatting from internally pasted text as well. However, the idea is to set up your formatting once in the Style Designer, and then paste as plain text and have it inherit the formatting from the Style Designer. Inline editing would be used to select the font style and very rarely (hopefully) style particular font snippets. This is a paradigm shift for us as well as our customers and we do expect there to be some pain of adjustment. However, I can say that I redid some very large sites myself to use this method and I have never looked back!

3) With hindsight maybe we should have given customers more advance warning. We tried to address the issue through a staged approach of releasing the Style Designer followed by an upgraded text widget, and of course hoped to ensure a smooth release. We did avoid an advance announcement precisely because it has been in the works for so long that we could not give accurate release timing. However, I do take your point that this may not have been the best approach.

4) The Yola FAQ - totally prepared to take the blame for that. Our roadmap has been so forward facing this year and the developments have happened so fast that we have fallen badly behind in updating our FAQ. It is a case of knowing that if you write it it will be out of date before you are finished. However, this is no excuse and it is something we plan to address asap.

5) Totally get your point about offering too many options to customers who may feel overwhelmed by them. It is a very difficult tightrope to walk - on the one hand we have a very high volume of requests for greater flexibility in customizing the look and feel of sites, and on the other hand when this flexibility is provided customers are called on to make more design decisions than they would if using more of a fixed template approach. We have plans to address this by providing a path for advanced users while offering an easier option for users who prefer to customize though a few simple clicks. Hopefully it will address the problem you so insight-fully point out.

Your point about reactions to software updates is well taken. I have also noticed this, so as much as we always regret inconveniencing our customers in any way, we do want to keep moving forward and hope to be able to do so with minimal disruption!

I am travelling and have very limited internet access, but I will be following the progress of this release closely and I have every confidence in the team on the ground working to support our customers and improve our product.
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That's a very full answer set you've given there.

I've always found Yola forum staff to be more than helpful and go beyond the call of duty to assist.

Keep up the good work, it doesn't go unnoticed I assure you.
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I would have to agree - on the whole the Yola forum staff have been very helpful and professional (sadly apart from one member of staff who just dismissed the recent problems from the outset).

Monique's response is very good. However, the main problems with what they did was there was nowhere near enough beta testing or consulting with the actual users, there was no advance warning given, and there was nothing in place should it all go horribly wrong (as it did).

Sadly, there have been very few updates from Yola since, and we're still unable to touch our website editors until the destructive Style Developer is fixed.

Previously I found Yola a very user-friendly and an all round pleasant environment to build a site in. AT the moment - I can't say that it's such a great place to be.

I just thank my lucky stars that my site wasn't published yet. Had it been, and had I been paying for the service (which I shall be shortly), I would have been incredibly upset.

For those who are paying - I highly recommend you seek compensation from Yola for the period that you are unable to touch your websites. Hopefully this will just be a matter of days, but should it go on longer, I recommend contacting them in writing with factual details of how this has been detremental to your businesses etc.
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I don't think Yola does anything to deliberately upset it's customer base Chris and as they continue to develop the sitebuilder i'm pretty sure we're all going to go through the odd piece of rocky pathway.

I've had a day of going through nearly 200 websites and making subtle changes, but it doesn't seem to have affected my clients sites that much. Luckily.

I've been playing around with the new text editor, it's a mild learning curve, it has a few bugs, but then I don't work with a lot of coloured text.

For what it's worth, the guys at Yola have always been quick to respond to customers issues, even those that have free sites they make no money on. They tend to go the extra yard.

Today having to put up with some unfair abuse from forum members .... frankly, it's a bit uncalled for. They're doing their best to resolve the situation. (that wssn't a dig at you by the way.)

All i'm going to say is you try getting 1and1 to respond to any issues you have, trust me, I did for one of my clients, a week later, still nothing.
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There would not have been a situation "Big G" if the ones you praise had not added update until fully tested away from its customers sitebuilding.
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Do you own anything by Apple? Use anything Microsoft? Got an iPhone? iOS7 hasn't been around for long, i'm on iOS 7.04 now. We'll probably be on 7.05 in January if not before.

There's no point in throwing your toys out of the pram and threatening this, that and the other without trying to help resolve the situation with positive criticism. The new editor is here to stay, adapt and get on with it. Take it as having to learn something new.

Like Boomer said, you'll still be here when all this is resolved, why? Because we know as well as you do the financial and time cost of you moving your sites is the equivalent of you kicking yourself in the balls.

Yola offers the BEST VALUE for small business websites out there, you know this, we know this.

So, try this for a first, try helping, you may find people within the community will then try to help you when you're stuck.
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A1web is right big-g by saying it should have been done away from the main sitebuilding area and there would not be any of this having a go at yola which people so rightly do if they make a silly move as they have without testing in some other area of yola so not to disturb or risk all of the time and hard work taken by its members to build and design sites.

As for boomer, I have watched his replies often and none of them are solutions to any problem at hand or the posts he comments on. his word means nothing apart from being another keyboard warrior in hiding.
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So, you think all this blustering is helping Dianne? As for Boomer, he has a lot stars on his profile, I doubt they've come out of sarcastic comments. Like I said, all software companies go through this .... you think you've tested for every eventuality and you flip the switch. Like I said, as an example, Apple have money that Yola can only dream about, and they manage to cock up on an all too frequent basis. It doesn't stop me from buy and using Apple's overpriced toys though.

Like I said, healthy criticism helps, crying and shouting under pressure .... well, that helps nobody.

To be honest, I get more stressed when the servers undergo the odd downtime or the very rare DDOS attack. That's when my clients ring me.
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@ Dianne: "keyboard warrior", I like that - I think I'm gonna change my profile :)
@ Big G: I'm starting to like you :)
@ Billy Bob a1web UK: Shhhh...