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Hi SynthaSite,

I've been playing around with the new version a bit and I have some feedback.

- There is a spelling mistake on the Form Assembly widget configuration page (when you drop the widget). On the bottom right corner where it links to the Form Assembly site it says "Get form code >".

- New "launcher" -> The first time I saw the new launcher mechanism (i.e. choosing your site from the main SynthaSite homepage after logging in) I was looking for a "Create New Site" link like the main IDE has. I think it might be nice to have a button for this option above the site list just like in the IDE.

- Images -> I think it might be nice to have resizing handles on the sides of an image, as well as the one corner sizer like you have now which keeps the aspect ratio. I'm think one on the centre left side, right, top and bottom would be great. Sometimes it's nice to adjust the image size dynamically on the page it's going to end up on.

- Cut and Paste -> In trying to replicate a site I created with another CMS I was copying some text down to a SynthaSite text widget, and it seems that the formatting contained on the former site was confusing SynthaSite a little. I don't know what kind of processing SynthaSite does with pasted text but it seems to try its best to keep the formatting. All I really had on the previous site was some emphasis tags, text colouring with CSS and some different font sizes. I'm thinking that it might pay to strip the formatting completely from formatted text and force the user to re-format using SynthaSite. This may be quite radical but I think in the interests of keeping it clean on the SynthaSite side of things this might pay off and be appreciated by users in the long run.

- Themes -> I don't know what you have planned for theme customisation but something that would be nice to have early on would be a feature to let you change the overall colour of a theme. I.e. if your theme has a dominant specific blue colour, have a little colour wheel / picker that lets you change all of that shade of blue on the entire site. This could be a relatively simple way to provide what would feel to the user like a reasonable amount of uniqueness.

Also on the theme front I think what would be fantastic is if you could give the user a layer of customisation which can be applied on top of any theme (within reason). The idea would be that you choose a set of pre-defined common customisable elements in the CSS of any theme and make these editable by the user. These can be saved as "customisation profiles" and can be applied by the user to any site, or any theme if they wish. What do you guys think?

- Form design tool -> I think it would be great if you guys had a built-in widget for form design. I know you are trying to leverage the power of existing tools, and that's great, but I think particularly in the case of forms it would be great to have something built-in with a few nice predefined forms, like a Contact Us form with the classic Name, E-Mail and Message fields. That might just be me though of course :-) What do you guys reckon?


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Posted 12 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Wayne

You make some great points. Thanks again for the quality feedback (I was looking forward to your comments on the latest release!)

1) The new launcher. We are thinking of ways to streamline things in this area. You can expect some significant improvements to the workflow in the website and the site builder (IDE) soon, which will hopefully be more intuitive to the user.
2) Image resizing: agreed. Several users have requested this, and the functionality you refer to is included in our plan.
3) Cut and paste. Stripping the formatting does seem like a good solution to a whole range of related problems. In fact our new graphics designer (Tracy) suggested the same thing the other day. I am sure the team will discuss it and give it due consideration.
4) Customizing themes (styles): This is a frequently requested feature so again, definitely on the agenda. I appreciate the way you are thinking of ways to get some level of customization to the user as quickly and easily as possible. This is very helpful and I will certainly pass that suggestion on.
5) Form design tool: I am particularly pleased with Wufoo. But I take your point about it being a nice idea to have our own form widget. The integration with the two form building services has gone a long way towards fulfilling the need for now, but who knows what might become possible in future :-)

Thanks for spotting the typo in the Form Assembly widget.

Best wishes