Not Able to Choose My Own Top Level Domain as the Primary Domain.

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I own a domain name: I would like this address to show up as in the URL instead of my Yola site address: http://help-alex-jones-infowars-show-.... I searched in this forum and found a listing titled "How can I see only my domain in address bar, without the Yola site name?" which addressed my exact question, but the Sanja's instructions didn't quite line up. I have included her instructions below:

The reason why your top-level domain is redirecting to your yolasite subdomain is because your site is published to both a subdomain and your own domain. In your DNS settings, your subdomain is primary, so it redirects automatically to the subdomain. You can change this easily.

Here's how to change the primary domain used on your site:-

1. Login to your account on Yola.
2. On the My Sites page, scroll to the bottom and check the box next to "Enable Advanced Domain Settings".
3. Scroll back up to the top and click on the link "Advanced Domain Settings".
4. A new page will open, and you will see a list of domains assigned to your site. To reassign a domain as "Primary Domain", choose which domain you would like to be the Primary domain and click on "Click to Apply Changes".

This will be the canonical (primary) domain and the one the other domains will redirect to.

The options where a little different than stated as it appears as Yola has been redesigned. I was able to get through everything except for the last step #4. When I went to reassign my Primary Domain to (away from http://help-alex-jones-infowars-show-..., I wasn't able to choose/select it. How can I make my Primary Domain?

DThank you very much for your help:)
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hello Bob,
I have taken a look at your site and can definitely help get this fixed up. However, the custom domain that you want to use won't work quite yet because there are some A Records that are not pointing to our ip address but to a variety of other ip addresses. You need to have two A Records pointing to just Yola's ip address.

* Some domain registrars require one A Record with the hostname "@" and one with the hostname "www".
* Other domain registrars allow you to create one hostname called "" and another "www" (replace "domain" with your own address).
* Both should point to our IP address:

For more information on pointing your domain to Yola, click on this link.

Once you have the A Records set up properly, I can fix the problem you are having with the yolasite subdomain still showing in the browser window.

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Hi Emmy,

I think I completed adding the 2nd A Record. I attached a screen shot of my A Records. Did I do it correctly? Also, When I create another Yola website, should I email Yola support requesting you tweak my account? Thanks.


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Hi there Bob,

Unfortunately Emmy is not online at the moment to give you the good news...

Your domain seems to be up and running correctly. You can find your site on

I hope this helps.
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Thanks so much Jeremy