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Site Review:

Hey Folks, I'm new to Yola and created two site: my business and

I would appreciate feedback since I don't have a clue what I'm doing! Thanks you so much. Free samples involved if that helps, just use the contact form!


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Diedre Cole

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Posted 11 years ago

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I too am a novice so for what its worth I like the site. I would like to see more pics of the product perhaps, noticed that you did have 1 picture of anniversary set more pictures might be nice though. I did notice on the our guarantee page, you have an ad thats covering over "our cause" and "blog" links at right. Do you need links on both right side and top? I do like it, I like the different greens you've used, very crisp!
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I think you qualify as a green site as I do...Here are a couple of places that will let you list your products on their site with links back to you...... and They will want a link back to their sites but these are two quality sites to be listed on.
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Hi Diedre

I'm going to review your Intimate Scents as it appears your Cole for Commissioner is still under construction. =)

Your site presents really well - so clean and professional looking! It really is pleasing to the eye and seems to encapsulate the values you're endorsing.

Here are a few suggestions that I have. Please remember though that this site is your creation, your vision.. so please only take my suggestions if they are of benefit to you. =)

1. On all your pages, except for the homepage, I found the text a bit hard to read due to the small font. I would encourage you to make the font bigger.

2. Ingredients Page
- I was a little confused at first simply because I thought this was going to be talking about the ingredients you use in making your products. You do list this on the right-hand side, but this seems to be of secondary importance as your product information appears on the left-hand side. Perhaps this would be better used on your product page to give more information?

- It may be a nice touch to add some photos that display the ingredients used. It helps to bring that visual element to your site.

3. Specials Page
- I assume this is still under construction there isn't any information pertaining to the shipping and handling?
- I am also not clear on what "Specials" refer to. I would encourage you to extrapolate on this so that your consumers have a clear idea of what this page is about.

4. More Information
- I would make your link to your companion site open up in a new window. This way, your consumer can still stay on your page. You can do this by simply adding a target="_blank" to your href tag. It would look something like this: <a href="; target="_blank">click here</a>

You have put in a lot of effort and it really shows! Well done! Please feel free to ask me further questions if needed.

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Hi there Diedre,

For someone who says they don't know what they are doing... you have done a marvelous job! I really like the look and feel of your site and the various images of butterflies.

I agree with littleus that you should increase the font size a bit on the various pages, I like the italicized font, but it is a bit hard to read. Also, images of the various ingredients would also be good.

Yola broadcast its first webinar the other day and one thing we discussed was niche websites and tapping into your niche and writing your content around it. I think it would be a great idea if you not only gave some images of the ingredients but also maybe a separate page for each where you can give information about the benefits, aromatherapy, history or where they natively grow; that would be very interesting.

You can watch the webinar here if you are interested, the main topic is Introduction to SEO:

I hope this helps!