On the lighter side !

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To all you Synthasiter's in the northern hemisphere,
hope you had a great summer - Ha, Ha
From us guys down south here's a little poem for you.

Spring haz sprung
De grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is?

De boids is on de wing they say.
But dats absoid?
De wings is on de boid!

-- Anon

Dunno why i'm so chirpy, it's Monday, and it's freezing.
If I could see the mountains through the clouds, i'm sure
they're covered in snow.

P.S. Boomerbot crawled some of your sites over the weekend.
5 new sites added - http://forsite.synthasite.com/
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Posted 12 years ago

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I now have the diddy "Dem bonz, dem bonz, dem dry bonz" flyin' thru my head. Darn it anyway...I need to get to bed!
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Hi Clouda9,

I just realised what my post must have sounded like,
and I don't blame the forum administrators for deleting it.

I was trying to copy and paste some lyrics and got as
far as "Dum diddy", thinking I could still edit my
post for 15 minutes - as you can when you add a comment.

What I was trying to type was -

Dum diddy-dum diddy-diddy-dum-dum
..... to the break of dawn as we rock y'all
on to the early morn'

By Run-D.M.C

This was in response to you being tired and wanting to
go to bed. I would never be rude, specially to the most
kind, helpful and respected user on this forum.
Been having far to many late nights myself working on one
of my own sites.

If you did see my post or got the mail, I apologize for
what it must have sounded like. If you didn't, Thanks admin.

Best regards,
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I see now that you can edit for 15 min - honestly didn't see this last night.
Must have been pretty tired !!