Picture Gallery widget freezes when multiple image files are added

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The Picture Gallery widget froze and halted the Yola SiteBuilder system when I added multiple image files. Here are the details:

I created a new page, added a two-column widget then added a Picture Gallery widget to the first column. The following errors occured:

(1) Yola SiteBuilder froze when uploading multiple image files: I selected ten image files to upload. All of the images were standard JPG files, 800 x 600 pixels. The Yola "uploading images" menu appeared, with the progress bar. Then the "Generating thumbnails" menu appeared -- and hung. I had to end the browser session and relaunch Yola. (A screen cap is included below -- showing the frozen menu.)

(2) Yola SiteBuilder froze when adding multiple image files: After I relaunched Yola and SiteBuilder, I found that all ten of the image files had been uploaded and added to my image folder. So I edited the Picture Gallery widget and tried to add the ten of the images from there. The same problem recurred, and Yola SiteBuilder hung. I then tried to add two images, to see if the number of image files was the cause of the problem. SiteBuilder hung again.

The reponse time of Yola servers is also an issue. Today (2.25.2013), it took 4 to 5 minutes to upload one 90Kb JPG image and create the thumbnail version. This very slow respone made it appear that SiteBuilder was frozen.

Screen cap showing the frozen SiteBuilder menu:

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Posted 7 years ago

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Hello, Have you cleared your browser's cache and then tried reloading them? i had less problems with things freezing up when I used Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
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Dear Crystal:

Thanks for the message. Yes, I used the latest version of Chrome for the 'Picture Gallery' test, cleared Chrome's browser cache, and made sure cookies and Javascript were enabled.

The Yola SiteBuilder 'image file upload' function worked perfectly in File Manager and (eventually) with the Picture Gallery widget. The "Thumbnail conversion" menu hung, which appears to indicate a glitch in the related server-side code.

I sent a complete bug report to Yola's support team, along with copies of all ten of the JPG files I was trying to upload / add to the Picture Gallery widget. I will let you know when I hear from the Yola team.

Mark Hays
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Update: Probable Cause Found for Picture Gallery 'Freeze' Problem

Use PNG Instead of JPG

Based on additional testing, there appears to be a JPG file compatibility glitch in SiteBuilder's server-side "create thumbnail" process -- linked to thumbnail display problems in SiteBuilder's File Manager, and the "freeze" problem when the Picture Gallery widget attempts to import JPG image files and create Gallery-size thumbnails.

I created PNG versions of the ten image files that I tried to add to a Picture Gallery widget -- and they loaded without a problem. I also found that SiteBuilder's File Manager will upload and automatically create thumbnails images for PNG files, but not for the JPG variants. Both functions probably use the same server-side code to create thumbnail images.

In short, if you run into a problem with JPG image files -- convert them to PNG.

Here is a screen cap showing SiteBuilder's File Manager. Note that thumbnail images were automatically created for the PNG versions -- but not for the matching JPG files:

The JPG files are standard format and cross-browser compatible, with a resolution of 800 x 600. A copy of one is shown below. There appears to be a JPG compatibility glitch in SiteBuilder's server-side "create thumbnail" process.

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Hi markallenhays,

Thank you for your detailed reporting of this problem. We have logged it as a bug for our engineering team and will update this thread once it has been investigated and resolved.