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Hey one of the biggest problems I'm have with Syntha, is the placement of photos. I just don't understand why I can't put numerous photos in one space. I'm doing a tutoring site for a teacher, and on some pages, I want to put several small photos of her students, but I can only put one, why?? When adding another photo, Syntha makes a whole nother space.
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Hi juanb

Sorry that this is causing you frustration...

With Synthasite you can add images to your page in many ways and I can assure you that you can add more than one image per line. You can try this technique for adding multiple images per line.

1) Drag and drop a two column layout widget onto your page.
2) Drop another two column layout widget inside the left or right side to make a three column or both sides to make a four column widget.
3)Drag the green center divider lines to resize the columns to the desired width.
4) Drag your image widgets into the columns you wish to have the students images in.
See screenshot below for an example:

With a two column widget you can have the students name on one side in the two column widget and on the other have their name or something about them.

Here is a video tutorial on adding images to your site for those reading this who do not know how to do so yet.
Additionally, using the Flickr Lightbox widget allows you to quickly and easily create a
slick photo gallery.

1) In the Content sidebar in SynthaSite, open the Photo Gallery folder

2) Drag and drop a Flickr Lightbox widget onto your page

3) In the properties sidebar: enter your Flickr account email address (usually a Yahoo! address) in the email address field

4) In the "Photo Count" field, enter the number of images you want to display.

5) In the "search" field, enter the tags of the photos you want to pull
from Flickr (make sure you have added tags to your Flickr photos or you
will not get the desired resultl)

6) Specify how many columns you want for your photo gallery

7) Click on the Image Size drop down menu to select: small square, thumbnail or medium sized images.

8) Finally, choose between a "modern" and a "plain" style for your photo gallery images.

9) Click the Apply button to update your photo gallery.

All done! Now save and preview your page. You will have a gallery of
clickable images. In the top right hand corner of the large view of the
images, click the "next" button to view the next image in the gallery.
Click the "close" button when you are finished browsing through your

Note: If there are privacy settings on your Flickr photos the search will
not be successful. The photos need to be publicly available for it to

Synthasite has a great tutorial for you to view, please click here

If those two alternative don't work for you then please let us know...

Happy site building
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Well... when I started typing, this was still unanswered. By the time I posted, you had already answered. Sorry about the redundancy.
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Thanks a lot for that info, that seems to work,but I have another problem for you. take a look at my site and you can see that I have a logo at the top, but it's all alone in the middle, and I can't seen to drap a two column widget into it. Also is there anyway I can replace that light bulb at the top with that logo?
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Here are some ways to manipulate your photos...

After you place a photo, look for the little red square. Click and hold and drag to re-size it.

Place a "2 column" widget on your page, and place another 2 column widget into one side, or both sides, or place a third inside of the second... or various combos to fit your needs.

Click on the center bar in 2 column widget and drag left or right to re-size the columns.

You can use a text widget with no text in it to create blank space between the photos. Just place a text widget, click to enter text, but don't type anything, just save it empty, or hit "enter on your keyboard to make a bigger empty space.

Being as you are placing the images in a text widget, you can also hit enter a few times under or above the photo to make blank space. (To get space above, hit enter first, leave the cursor there and then place the image under it.)

Use the "image" widget on the right side instead of the one up top, and it will have a boarder around it.

Once you have an image in place, click "properties" on the right, then click an image and you can set it to the right, center or left (within the widget it's in, not the page) again, drag the center bar for even more control.

Save often, and look at the page in "preview" to make adjustments

If you look at my "links" page you can see the end result. That page has about 18 different text, 2 column, and 2 column within 2 column widgets, empty text widgets and image widgets to get the placement you see.

If you play with it a little, it will make sense.
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You can also use a text widget to insert photos side by side. Drag and drop the text widget and then click on "insert image" on the text tool bar. Separate each image you insert by typing a space. You can then add as many pictures in a row as your chosen style will support.