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please visit my site and report any of your problems on it to me
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I had a quick look at your site. Everything seems to be working well - although other people can help us look in more detail.

Two minor points:
1) Your Home page should be the first one in the menu. You can edit this by clicking "Edit Menu" (just below the "Page" tab). A dialog box with all your pages will open up. Drag your Home page to the top of the list. Then save and update your site.
2) I think your site would look better if you used left alignment for your text instead of centering it. Centered text on a web page isn't the easiest to read.

Anyone else care to test this site? It looks like a worthy cause - so let's lend a hand!
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Monique is right about the home page needing to be first.

Instead of left justifying your text try
to equal your sentence lengths by
clicking enter at just the right time.

Just like above...only center justify with equal lengths and It will look great.

Some of the widgets you are using would look so much better in the middle of the page and I believe you are using a HTML widget more than a Widgetbox widget. The Widgetbox widget sets as a default to the middle of the page or the middle of one side of the two column widget.

Try placing your ads to the bottom of your pages for a clean look and to keep your important info up top for us all to read. Your great content is what we want to see first.

The question and answers I feel would look better maybe as left justified.

Nice that you plugged getsatisfaction... I am sure they appreciate it... How about one for Synthasite???

Some nice and some sad stories you have there...

Two of your quotes seem too close together (it just throws off the great sayings a little)

on your extinct species page you may think about keeping all of your images centered. If you are using the text box with your images in it then click the image then above in the toolbar select center justify to bring it to the center. It's also good to keep the images about the same size. You can do this in Microsoft picture manager by selecting "Edit picture" and the resize... Select a web friendly size like 448 x 336 in the predefined width x height drop down box and then save to upload to your file manager.

Also on your login page your widget is black and your letters are dark blue... I wonder why this is??? Could you return to the widget creator and either turn the box background white or the letters white? But they must contrast each other to make a eye friendly display.

Oh boy oh boy and the video page just about did me in and I got sad all of a sudden because of some of the pics... You may think about keeping the videos separate from each other by spaces. You could maybe well add a little warning about sad or upsetting images if that video has any...

Awfully sad to see some of the pics because in my childhood we raised Basenji dogs and were so picky about the people buying them. I was too little to remember them all and we also took in strays off the streets as well.

Keep in mind that with videos if you want to add more you may wish to make a main video page and create sub pages (not listed on the menu) with say no more than 3 or 4 videos each. Just create images of the video page and then take those images an make links to the new pages. Keeping the videos minimal makes page loads fast on mostly all computers.

All in all it's a really great start and can go nowhere but up.

My site has alot of alot and I am still amazed it loads at all... See what I mean

good job and keep up the hard work

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Real nice site. I dig the cause, bra.

Just a few observations...

on the home page, the centered type is hard to read, like monique said.

"please help us as everyone knows that even a little amount of money
can help us" is kind of redundant, "money" is a "hot" word, "can make" is not definite. "help us" who? you?

how about:
please help us. even small donations will make a big difference in the preservation of endangered animals.

as mentioned on ed & moniques' post regarding the quotes page...
centered type needs some carefully placed returns for better line breaks.also, I agree with ed... add 1 more space between each quote.

Change "help" tab to: "help the cause" or "FAQ" or "about us"

under the adopt tab...
make each link smaller, and go to 2 column mode to get all of the links on screen before the page fold. (point where you have to scroll down)

a few of the pages are real long...
consider adding page links or buttons at the bottom, so visitors can change pages without having to scroll back to the top.(see ed's site for an example)

Good luck with this project..E' Molto bene!