Please add a default frame and folders to the page manager

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First thank you to Yola for it's amazing services. I've been a happy customer for over a year and I don't have any complaints.

I have a few suggestions that would make my life and of many others easier.

I want default frame or widget. I will try to explain. Basically it's a same widget that appears on some position on every page. For me it would be HTML widget, because I have a custom menu that I use as navigation. It would help me a lot if that widget would update automatically on all pages, so I don't have to manually update it 15 times.

We need folders at page manager. A simple request, but a needed feature, because as I add more pages it will become a real hassle to navigate. Also those folder would appear on the toolbar where you select pages.

Thank you for reading.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hello Lord MJ,

Your suggestion of a default frame is important and you will be happy to know that it's already there. Not as a widget as such but as CSS addition facility. This will carry things like custom menus across all pages and more. It's the most powerful aspect of Yola Silver and of course Silver is an excellent add-on for people who want to do this kind of thing. Tick that one.

For those that don't have or cannot afford Silver subscription then an earlier strategy was and is to create the recurring elements very early on in your index page (being your first page presumably) and before going into the specific page content then you use the "Save-As" function. This means that you can then call the page into play, rename it to your required page name and add the page specific detail.

Your Folders at Page Manager level I'm not quite clear on but wondering if you are referring to a system of folders and sub-folders for sub-menus(?). If so once again the use of CSS will virtually manage this for you. There is an extensive resource of drop-down/fly out sub-menus within a menu available. They give a visual representation of how I've interpreted your need. The sub-folder is used as a visual cue to build these menus. Silver once again is the easiest and most efficient way of dealing and managing this aspect.

Yola Silver and the use of Premium Styles allow you to create sub-menus. The aspect of the folder is seen here in that the Page Navigation gives a visual representation of folders and sub-folders used for creating the menu. It's a two level structure only.

Yola's File Manager also allows you to create folders and folders within folders and deeper. This is ideal for categorising various files that you access for your site content or function. It can be images, documents, spreadsheets and code as well.

The use of CSS pretty well covers organisational and outline structural parts of markup. It's a great skill to learn.
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You don't like to copy/paste 15 times? Come on, LORD MJ, site building is sport! :-) I'm joking.

Thank you for your detailed feedback though you're not the first one to request these things as Gop mentioned.

Rest assured that me marking this thread as "under consideration" is not random. We are permanently discussing and testing new functionalities for Yola Sitebuilder, so there will definitely be improvements soon.

Your idea to be able to create folders in the Page Manager and display them in the Page Selector is very interesting, and our Product team may consider it.

Thank you for praising us on behalf of the whole Yola team! We'll do our best to improve your Yola experience in future.