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a 2 hour site has taken me over 8 hours due to your last upgrade. You got ripped off in my opinion. Hope you didn't pay the developer yet.

You can not use the image editor, It turns the image into a negative.

Sometimes just stretching and image in the site builder itself makes it a negative.

The control pallet is on top of the page, hiding content and delete widget button.

One has to constantly open and close it. About 200 times per hour of work.

Can only do 1 edit at a time, have to save and refresh after almost every step. Real big problem - eats a lot of time.

Loading issues - takes several tries - just spins and spins. Log in, log out. Nothing.

Still the same line spacing issues as always - hit enter, you get a double space.

Ariel fonts are missing in firefox - site builder substitutes something else. Even in the text edit font dropdown (even in my published sites - no ariel black in fire fox)

Please put the old interface back until this one works. I have 4 clients right now that are late due to this, and I sign them all up as silver. Hard to explain the $100, and then make excuses for the builder not working as to why the site is not done.

I have over 25 sites published with yola, and would hate to have to switch them all and learn a new provider's software. But I can not work in this manner. Nor can I show a client how to do their own edits as it is a royal pain to do, since it does not respond or work properly.

There was nothing wrong with the old interface except the line spacing. Can we get it back?
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Hello Guido

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing so many issues with the Yola Sitebuilder at the moment.

For many of the points you have listed, clearing cache and cookies should solve the problem. Have you tried this yet?

What can cause problems as well is a not up-to-date browser version, Flash version, and certain browser add-ons. Have you tried a different browser and on a different computer (outside your internet network)?

When you speak of the Control Panel, do you mean the Widget menu? We are aware that it overlaps on certain screen sizes with a certain screen resolution, and are considering changes.

Loading issues: What file types are you uploading? What is their size?

Could you take a screenshot next time a picture is turned into a negative and give us the exact steps you did? We'd like to further investigate this.

Which way of editing are you talking about? Can you give an example?

When I open Yola Sitebuilder in Firefox, I get all Arial fonts, which are "Arial" and "Arial Black". They also display on this test site:
Can you see Arial Black there using Firefox?

In terms of the line spacing: This depends on the paragraph default settings of the Style template you use. You can change it in the Site CSS override dialogue box. You avoid a larger spacing between paragraphs by hitting the "Shift" plus the "Enter" key. This will produce a paragraph which starts right in the next line.

Can you please check for us if the above made suggestions solve any of the issues you experience?