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I have unpublished my yola site until I have more information and pages and have started a blog at blogger. I would like to use the domain I bought through Yola for my blogger account . How can I do this?
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Hi shantianti

Although it is not possible to import an existing blog into your Yola site, what you can do, there are two alternative options: Create a link to your blog; or create an automatic redirect to your Blogger blog.

To create a link to your blog....
1. Drag and drop a Text Widget onto your page.
2. In the Text Widget type the words that you want people to click on, e.g. Blog (this is your link text).
3. Highlight the link text and then click on the link button.
4. A link editor dialog box will open up and you will be given 4 options. Select 'URL (external)', then copy and paste your blog link into the text field.
5. Click OK.
6. Save your page.

The link will show up on your page. To check whether the link works, click 'Preview', then click on the link to make sure it goes to your blog.

To create the automatic redirect...
1. Create a new page with the name of the site you want to link to, e.g. Blog.
2. Drag and drop a HTML widget onto your page.
3. Paste this tag into the HTML editor:
< meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; url=http://webdesign.about.com" >

"2" is how many seconds it waits before it redirects - you can change this number.
"url" is the URL it redirects to, so, replace the URL in the above tag with the one for the site you want to link to.

To check if it works, click on 'Preview' then on the page link on your site.

Let us know if you need more help with this! Good luck!

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Hi Nazlie thanks for you details and fast reply. Unfortunately you have not understood my situation or question so what you have written is of no use. I will explain as clearly as I can.
I am not using my yola site at the moment, it is unpublished and I will not be publishing it for a while until it is ready. I have therfoe started a blog with blogger as blogs ase works in progress and you bulid on them as you go. I would have used yola but you cannot publish only the blog, probably something yola should think about.
Anyway, I bought a domain name from yola and I would like to use it for my blogger blog. I do not want to link than at the moment because as I said my yola site is unpublished. I have seen that I can transfer my domain but I do not want to do that as I may want to use it with yola later once my site is ready for publishing. I have tried to use my domain with my blogger account but as it is pointing towards Yoal so am having problems.
So what I want to do is use my Yola domain name at blogger and keep my yola site unpublish without them being liked.
Is this possible and how do I do it?
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Hello Shantianti

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like you may want to point your domain to Blogger.

We have a tutorial explaining how to access and use the Advanced Domain Settings for the domain you have purchased from Yola. You will be able to manage the domain settings in your Yola account. To view the tutorial, please click on this link: DNS for your Yola domain.

Please note: Changing your domain settings can result in your site no longer working. Please be sure you understand the consequence of the changes you are making. If anything is unclear, please contact us for support before making your changes.

Please let us know if we're still misunderstanding.
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HELLO Nazlie,
Can i ask you a question ? How can i import an account in my yolasite web site for free ????

Please answer me ...
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Hi Diana

I am not sure that I understand your question. Would you mind explaining it in more detail?