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I heard a very good summary of what Google try to do with your search terms:
"Google Search looks for the Best Quality Websites that fit into your search term."
That's a very clear description.

How do they determine this? It's a popularity game. Popular sites that link to yours' contribute greatly to your Google potential ranking.

Google have started an intense integration process. Things like Blogger, i-reader, GFC, Geotracking and You tube are all coming into the equation.
In the last couple of weeks. You Tube subscribers are noticing a big increase in friends linking to them. This all linked by their Gmail address. So a friend link is created the Gmail address is checked and their friends are then invited to join the group. It grows exponentially. Reports of 3000 new links within days.

Similar things are happening with i-Reader and Blogger. Friends will look for your websites and blog articles. They have proved this and that has contributed to the popularity quotient. There's a follow on phenomena. The friends will finish the latest visit on a new post or Video quite quickly. The second wav will be those who are not classed as your friends. Their numbers are being watched. It's these numbers that have more weight in the estimate of the quotient. Some of these will come to the sited because of what is written by the friends of the person who has produced the writing or video. So the visitor goes to the site. Google know how long it should take to complete the read or to completely watch the video. If the numbers come in well under the times known then these pots are demerited.

So now the hytpothesis is: Friends call the awareness. Numbers and persistence or non-friends mark the value of the post or video. The higher this number is the higher the presumed quality of the site or video. High rankers will be put higher up the list.

How to make friends;

Get a Google account.

Subscribe to You-Tube. Produce a weekly 1 minute video of some interest. Screen shots of a tutorial. As an example.
Register with GFC and start scouring initially for other members. Join their interest groups. Read their blogs with Google reader. Write your own blog and send it out by RSS. Tell your friends your website and that you have an RSS. They will link to your RSS feed. They will read and they will blog or make a video mentioning yours. This will bring in the second wave of true rank making visitors.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Thanks for sharing this information, Peter.
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You're welcome Ruth.
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Thanks Peter....It really does make sense that things like how many people know about you should be part of the Page Rank process.
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Another great post Peter! Thanks for taking the time.
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Thank You Boomer...and now back to the CBDB question. Arrrrghhhhh more reading!
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Thanks Peter,

What is GFC? To me it stands for Gaelic Football Club and when I search google all I get is the County Gaelic Football Clubs of Ireland! Is there a URL ?
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Hi Connor,

I'm sorry I shouldn't use these acronyms etc. It is bad form. Apologies.

GFC I was meaning Google Friend Connect.

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thanks Peter.

What i find hard is finding the time to do all this stuff. I'm going to work on finding the time.

I wish there was a few 30 hour days in the week :)
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Impossible to do everything I agree.

It's so easy to feel as if it's all got ahead of me and others are miles down the track. It's simply not true. I look at the people who do this stuff and then I realise that Rome wasn't built in a day.

I think just plug away when you make the time and when your interest corresponds.

Like Yola it should be enjoyable. It's not dogmatic and there are always alternatives.