Reducing bounce rate?

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what are some good strategies to reduce bounce rate?

I was noticing that of all my pages, the index (home) has the highest bounce rate. This is more so for visitors referred by other sites than for the ones that got there via a search engine. I was thinking maybe it's because I have too many things on the homepage. I have excerpts of my blog posts linking to the main articles, and mini galleries showing what's new so that visitors can click through to the main galleries.

Maybe the homepage might take a while to load on slower connections and people leave. Or perhaps they find enough info and images on the homepage and don't click through... not sure what it could be.

I was thinking of maybe putting an "intro" page with a short welcome message and a fast-loading, interesting animation so that people click through to what is now the homepage. this way they would at least visit 2 pages... would this be helpful at all? or is this a bad strategy?

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Here are a couple of useful articles (if you haven't found them already):

I would definitely recommend a short, but clearly laid out index page that draws them into the rest of the site, rather than one that will overwhelm them with too much information upfront.

Most internet users don't read - they scan. They scan pages looking for links to click on that tell them at a glance that clicking will take them to the information they need or are the most interested in. Make sure your homepage has a clear layout with some enticing links to make people click through to the next page on your site.

Another point - your links to articles on your site are "below the fold" on my screen, meaning I have to scroll down to see them. Make these more prominent and closer to the top of your page.

This is a good discussion. I hope others will join in with ideas.

How do you encourage visitors to stay on your site, rather than leaving after the first few seconds?
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Another great tactic is to look at your Google Analytics logs if you use it. Looking at the search phrases people use to get to your site can give you a good indication of what they're looking for. Optimizing for those users (since you have the most data on them) should help for all of your other visitors as well.

For instance, are people reaching your page and sticking around your site when they search for "widget article"? If so, then you may want to move those to the top of the page.

Additionally, if users are getting to your page by searching for "how do I ____", but leave quickly, that may guide you to add how-to content.

Good luck - I also look forward to seeing what others suggest or do on their own site!
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I know this is an old thread, but had to contributre after reading and following Chris' words.

I own a small driving school in Bristol, England and competition is very high.
I've been using analytics and have seen my bounce rate shoot up to almost 50%. Wasnt sure what to do, tried optimization, tried new design, tried new images and all the rest of it. It wasnt until I found out (thanks to Chris) that you can see how people come to your page after what they have put into a search. It turned out that lots of people were coming to my site not wanting driving lessons, but information about the test area, which isn't on my front page. Those who came to my site with searches in google of looking for driving lessons had a very low bounce rate of 18%.

So the moral of this long winded story is ... before tearing your front page down and pulling out your hair, have a look to see what people are looking for and how they came to your site. You could be doing all the right things.