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Hi, no offence to Yola which I think is GREAT!! (and I have recommended it to many people lately) but I would like to remove the yola link. How do I get to: "Make a Free Website with Yola" and then click on "Next" to do this. Also any plans in the future to remove "Free CSS templates" for a fee - at least the woerd "free".
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  • ok

Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Claire,

Yola offers you the option to remove the Yola Link for a fee of 9.95 USD per year. This is an account level feature, so you can remove the Yola Link for all sites in your account! To do this:

1. Click on "Edit Page Design" in the Site Buidler
2. Click on Remove "Yola Link"

For more information please see: Yola Link Removal FAQ -
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bring this back.

I can afford this... I cant afford the much higher price with all the un needed bits. How on earth can selling me stuff I dont want and dont need be giving me more choice..

Come on guys.....

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Its 8pm here.... and most of you in America are probably asleep. I shall have a fairly sleepless night and will get up tomorrow and check in here to see if this is fixable.

I have a dreadful feeling its not and I am going to have to go and unpblish and deactivate all my accounts.....

I am so stressed

Did you guys ASK if anyone wanted to keep the older system as an option?
I am SURE lots of people would have been very happy to keep pro, not have silver and keep the link removal tab.
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Hi svclubnz

I can see that this has really upset you, as you have made multiple posts on various threads about this issue.

I am going to respond to you here, and then link to this response on your other posts.

Here is how I understand your concerns:
You build a large number of websites for other people, and you factored Yola Link removal at the old price into your quote. You are suddenly faced with an unexpected price increase which means that you can no longer meet your profit margins on the prices you quoted for your customers. This is understandably a source of great concern to you!

Now I would like to ask you, as a business person, to understand our position as a business:
Our decision to roll Yola Link removal into our Yola Silver package was made after extensive research based on what customers wanted and as well as what is sustainable for us as a business. When we offered it as a stand-alone product sales were very poor. People seemed to be more interested in a package deal. At the same time it makes a lot of sense for us as a business to simplify our product offering and have a higher average order size. Unless the volumes are high enough, we don't get a significant return from Yola Link removal when it is sold alone. Customers voted on this quite dramatically by simply not opting to purchase Yola Link removal on it's own. The feature simply wasn't selling, so it forced us to do a rethink!

Although we do give a lot of value away for free, as I am sure you will agree, at the end of the day we are also a business and we do need to ensure that we have sufficient income to sustain our service to both our free and our paying customers. It is in the light of the above that we decided to restructure our premium features and packages. We communicated this in advance, and we tried to take care of existing customers as follows:

1) If you had already bought Yola Link Removal before we released Yola Silver, we extended this indefinitely. In other words, you paid once and get to keep it forever, for all the sites in your account! We did this so that you would not suddenly be hit with a high renewal fee when your Yola Link removal expired. We wanted to be as generous as possible here so as to take care of existing customers.

2) If you already have Yola Link removal on an account, you can upgrade to Yola Silver at a discount, if you wish to do so.

So in your case, any customers you had before the release of Yola Silver are taken care of - they get to keep Yola Link removal forever. However, any new accounts created after the release of Yola Silver fall under our new pricing.

I hope this at least allows you to understand our decision making process. If you would like to discuss this further you are welcome to drop us an email at
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Hello hello Monique,
Thank you for your reply. I did not expect one back so soon. I also did not mean to post so many of the same questions. I was quite upset.
If there are very few people choosing to purchase the link removal as it was, surely the few that did wouldn't have effected your market much. If 95%
opt to buy the expensive option, how does the remaining 5% taking up the cheaper one make any difference? Also.... you make nothing off the free websites with the link remaining, it was at least bringing in something off a site that might have remained with the link making nothing.

I am a mum that works from home, and with limited web building skills have managed to make a small income stream. I am not some big flash business owner or high tech web builder. My market is low income people on a budget. I cant compete with the high priced options out there. I have managed to source very cheap domain names and have finally understood how to use their domain system so I can redirect their email and whatnot.

I already have a fotolia account and little systems and ways of doing stuff. $49 is a long way up from $10.....

Is there NO opportunity for the important people in Yola to rethink... or make a concession? Id be happy even if the yola link removal had doubled in price. But quadrupled is tough. Really tough even if it includes the extras (that I dont need).

Am I really the only one to complain?
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Hi Peta

Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the fact that we are able to have a frank discussion about this.

Just a few more comments about our business model. For our free accounts Yola provides: hosting, sitebuilding and support. The cost to us for doing this is significant. The only value that we derive in return for all these free sites, resides in the Yola Link. Having that link on user's sites helps with our SEO and with referring new users to our service - some of whom later become paying customers.

Our hope is that people will sign up with our service for free, see what we have to offer and then upgrade to a paid account when they are ready to grow their business. The alternative to this would be to offer a free trial or to only offer a paid version. However, we would really like to be successful with our current model. Of course we understand that some people will not upgrade to a paid account, but we are still happy to have these free users on condition that we are able to place a link on their sites.

The cost of $49 per year translates to a few dollars a month. My best suggestion would be that you pass that cost on to your customers, or give them the option of a cheaper package that includes a Yola Link.

I will definitely share your concerns with my colleagues, but please keep in mind that we did arrive at this decision after a great deal of research and discussion with our users, so for now we are unlikely to change it.
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Josh Cordoba

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I have a Silver account and suddenly my sites (for my clients) are displaying the Yola free website link.

What's up with that? Can someone please explain why?
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Hello Josh,

Do you mind sharing the URL of the sites that are displaying the Yola Link? I'll look into this and see what's going on. I'm sure that we will get this resolved!