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Hi, my first yola site is ready for viewing. Please take a look and tell me what you think! Thanks. http://www.wolfwebdesignplus.yolasite...
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Diane

Welcome aboard... Have your YOLA sea legs yet my friend???

Well a great start you have there... Looks like you have been around the block with layout design of some sort or another and I see it in your sites...

There are some things that I noticed though and you may wish to think about to make things smother. and appear more professional

I simply LOVE PNG images for there crispness and quality and I would use Super large ones if size did not mater but there is a drawback and that is page load speed. Your images are to be true quite large and as you have many of them on your "Portfolio" page which drag the load substantially. I recommend that you reduce them in size. You can do this of course with the built in Picnic editor but as PNG's don't enjoy being tweaked I recommend because you can see the output image quality as well as size. You should keep your images to under 100KB but I will be the first to admit that I just love large good quality images. My thinking on this has been swayed when I have a site which has more than usual content and quite unique coding to achieve my desired look. I have recently begun the migration to JPG. :(

Your Paypal images should be reduced copies of what they are. If you reduce them to 200px by 200px you will be fine. Just because they are scaled does not mean that they are reduced in size. PNG is perfectly fine and acceptable to use as the size is so small...

On you terms of use page consider using a two column widget and have a left side smaller than the right with your content not taking up the entire page. Readers prefer to not read from one side of the page to the other as you loose your place more frequent and it becomes distracting at times. Think about having some of your examples on the left to fill that space.

Is your "Home safety plus" image meant to link to the website? If so it does not...

I think that with all your simply wonderful work that you have done for your clients that I want to see your site explode with eye appeal and candy. When I go to a website designers website I want to be amazed and wowed to the extent that I can't wait to see their next page. I see that you have done slideshows and flash... Show them off and showcase your abilities on your index page which people judge an entire website by. I realize that you have chosen to have a blog page serve this purpose but consider making a attention grabbing index and having your blog on another page. You may be doing this purposely for SEO keyword density but could you do the same thing with well chose text on a standard index page?

Oh and it may not be a good thing to have your phone number and email in text on your contract page. There are bots which scan the web all the time searching for just such a tasty tid bit as those. Consider adding them to your wonderful banner image. Your perfect form should handle your clients reaching your quite nicely (Good touch I will have to look at them)

I think that you have a great deal of talent and cannot wait to see what you can do with YOLA. I for one am glad to welcome you and say hello from Seattle... (OK ...Redmond ;)

Happy site building

You can find me with my head in the honey pot here....

You can find many of my threads here... Just look for the light bulbs
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Hi Diane

Great looking site! Thanks for posting the link. Ed has already given you some detailed feedback, so I am simply going to say welcome and that we hope to see a lot more of you!
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What a very nice helpful review! Thank you and thanks for the welcome. I've actually been poking around here for awhile and now suddenly I have two or maybe even three Get Satisfaction accounts for some reason. I joined synthasite originally but kind of moseyed off but was impressed to see all the cool changes on yola. I'm still learning though.

You're right about the photos, I got so interested in making the website I just threw up the pictures as they were. I do that a lot then wish later I had just optimized them the first time!

Did not know I could do anything with the Paypal images. I'll have to look at that. I didn't quite get the 2 column widget either. I'll have to look into that.

I like blogs and so does Google. I'll have to think about that one.

Deliberately took the link off HomeSafetyplus. I'm moving it to Yola!

Thanks again. And thanks, Monique for the welcome. Yola has the nicest people around.

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LOL... You should have seen my first attemp at making a site. I created it all in Publisher and saved as really big images and uploaded them as is. No text just images. I simply had no clue as it was my first attempt. Looking back I can't help but laugh at the little bear cub. Live and learn I suppose. Look at how it has ended up... A half way decent website for a former US Marine and so high up on the searches that my competition is wondering where this guy came from. I am higher ranked than even my affiliate supplier of the kit playhouses which is nice because the first one to collect the cookie collects the commission.

Truthfully, my site it is a Bear of a site to load (pun defiantly intended) for slow computers and other than high sped internet but then it is designed for a more higher end client (viewer) with the computers that can handle it. I have some competitors I compare mine to and it consistently loads fasted than them so I consider myself lucky.

I have tried to tool it to loads fast with a ton of content and looking at it I often wonder how I managed. I have see sites with one video on them which drags the screen for 10 minutes making me scream and pull my hair out.

I just recently went from a 300kb PNG as my banner with the bee eying the kid flowers (I wonder I must be a little deviant to have created that one last week ;) to a more respective 60kb JPG. Additionally, I took my honeycomb repeating background and turned from a 26kb PNG to a 3kb JPG instead of loading a few dozen 26kb background images it has a few dozen 3kb ones. Much faster...

I wish that I could have stayed with the crisper PNG but am satisfied with the quality I got with JPG. Boy the GIF's conversions were all terrible and I had to toss them all out.

Anyway, from someone with 75% of his site built with unique coding and scripts that could break a page if looked at incorrectly I again welcome you even if you have been here for a while...
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hello there,
what a great job you have done. i really like your new web site. keep up the good work. nice to meet you. have a fun blessed day.