Selecting Keywords for your site tutorial!

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I have come up with a conclusion after some research and this is how I add keywords to my site.

First, I look at the page and come up ten of the most relevant keywords.

Start with your section titles and pick out any keywords relevant to the main topic.

If you don't have ten keywords, continue through any sub-titles and pick out any relevant keywords.

If you still don't have ten keywords, then go through your main text and pick out any keywords.

After you have ten keywords written down on a page. go to the google keyword suggest tool at... and search for keyword information on those keywords, enter all ten keywords in the same search, new keyword or phrase per line.

Click the drop down box for "columns to display"

Click "hide advertiser competition"
Click "hide local search volume" UNLESS YOU ARE A LOCAL BUSINESS!
Click "show estimated avg. CPC"

Then take a look at your list. Mind no attention to synonyms, like terms or phrases, only look at the keywords you've selected.

Out of those ten keywords choose the six with the highest estimated avg CPC.

Do not use any that have less than 5,000 global search volume or less than 100 local search volume if you're a local business as the less search requests the less opportunity you have of being found.

The estimated CPC will assist in getting google ads on your website that actually pay more.

Although I still am not rich from google adsense. Since I've optimized my keywords about a month ago, I've noticed that the OCCASSIONAL click I get (since I don't get very many clicks) have went up from the average of $0.05 per click to about $0.28 per click...

I've read on many different resources that six keywords are the maximum you should have because too many is considered, "keyword flooding" and is looked down on with the search engines and a few websites indicated more than 8 is too much.

TIP: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES attempt a Black Hat technique which is known as attempting to redirect search engine results to a particular page which is also called "spamdexing". This can get your site PERMANENTLY banned from search engine's search results (which is not good).

Avoid using pictures to determine your keywords. If you place an alternative text within each image... that IS your keyword. To duplicate keywords in this manner is simply just wasting keyword space. However, it also depends on how you want your site to be found. The alternative text in an image generally pulls up an image within your site on ... my site gets found about ten to twenty times a week from because of my alternative texts that I use. :)

Any questions? Ask me!
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