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I think it would be a good idea if a generic shopping cart button could be made that then leads to the shopping cart, but you could have a range of buttons in order to give a choice to the customer for purchasing.
From the shopping cart page, you could place payment options. ie Paypal (already available), Paymate, Bank deposit (Direct deposit), Money Order.
The bank Deposit and Money Order buttons would then lead to a page where the details can be copied along with the Invoice and the amount needed to pay.

Would this take much to add to Yola?

I feel this would increase the amount of people being able to use Yola throughout the world.
(Not every country can use paypal)
If I was better than I am with Html than I am now, I would have a go at it myself.
People like to have a choice in how they pay and many don't like entering credit card or bank details onto a third party site.

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Jenny,

It's a great suggestion and while I think it would be something great to add to Yola, we currently find that using a third-party service like PayPal, Google Checkout, AlertPay (for example) is a better option. This is because services like this spend all their time making sure that the very complicated payment systems work well in terms of the types of transactions, fraud, etc.

We may build our own payment system for you to use on your site one day, but it's not something that is scheduled to be implemented soon. It would be something that would take a quite a fair bit of development on our part. However, I'm going to find out if someone from our product development team can give you more information.
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Hi Marijie,
Thanks for your reply.
The thing is that quite a few people that could use Yola are restricted to paypal and the others you have suggested. Someone from Australia for instance can't use Google Checkout as they won't accept Australia. The same with Alert Pay.
We can use paymate, but many sellers in Australia also take Bank deposit and Money Order.
The main reason why people use Yola is that you don't necessarily need to know html which makes it a lot easier to just drag and drop and type.
I would say that you would be losing a lot of customers just because of the payment and Invoice system.
If yola could introduce a multiple Payment and an Invoice page, I dare say that it's client base would increase hugely!!!
I hope that someone there can come up with a system where this can happen.

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Just my opinion, but I think adding a shopping cart is pretty involved since it requires SSL (https) pages, meeting credit card company CISP requirements along with the technical aspects.

I understand your frustration, Jenny. After using several hosts since 1998, who offered shopping carts with more complicated site builders, I wasn't sure how I'd manage with the Yola's limited choices of Paypal and Google Checkout. However, with Yola's costs so low and Paypal both secure and trusted, it now seems like a very workable option to me.
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Hi Margie,
The payment area is involved, but not the Shopping cart.
Basically, you have an "Add to cart button". Any time this is clicked on it sends the item specifics to a page (Invoice page)
When the "View Cart" button is clicked, the customer is sent to the same page.
On that page you then have all the payment Paypal, Paymate, Google checkout, bank deposit, Money order, etc.
When the bank deposit or Money order buttons are clicked, your Address for sending the money order to or your bank deposit details show up.
When any of the others are clicked on, then you get sent to that 3rd party merchant for processing, and they of course have the SSL enabled.

Normal websites have them set up this way, so i can't see why Yola couldn't.
The Shopping cart itself doesn't need to have an SSL Certificate to work, just a place where it's not readily available to the consumer unless they have actually clicked on the buttons. This may entail the customer to actually sign up for an account, but I know that the need to set up an account for a customer can be an off putting experience as well.

There is also a growing amount of the population in quite a few countries, that are dead against using Paypal because of scams that have been happening.
Ask any Ebay sellers that has had an unfortunate experience with Paypal not checking out claims properly and having lost goods and the money as well.