Site Domain Name Planning & Keywords: How to Use Keywords When Planning a Webpage that Isn't Linked to an Organizational, but instead to an Idea or Theme?

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NOTE: I reposted this after correcting my misspelling of Domain in the title so others could find it when they need.

When planning a webpage that isn't used for an organization or business that has a specific name, what is the best way to look at the Keyword "numbers" using the Google Keywords Tool? My objective is to get the attention of people searching for the category of information my site will have, minus an organizational name.

For instance, I'm going to build a site about offing room and board to seniors or retired persons in my house. The site won't have a name so I want to attract as many seniors' or their children as possible. I may even open the site up to other individuals that are looking to advertise the same thing. What is the best way to pinpoint a URL/Domain Name for my site?

Thanks again!!

Bob - The Rusta Farie Mon!!

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Emmy, Official Rep, replied 7 days ago

Hello Bob,

Those are some great questions, choosing a domain name is really important. I would like to direct you to two tutorials that we have. One is on planning your site with search engine optimization in mind which will go through keyword research and choosing a domain name, and the other is a tutorial on optimizing your site for local search since it sounds like your business/website topic will cater to people in the area you live. I would also encourage you to read through the short series of SEO Tutorials as you will find the information helpful.

Planning your site with SEO in mind
Optimizing your site for local search

I hope you will find these resources helpful!



Here's My Reply:


I've looked though these tutorials on this and other site and I'm still as confused. I want to create a website that will attract seniors or retired persons to my site that are looking for room & board only. I'm not an Assisted Living facility or a nursing home, but merely a person that opens my home up to senior citizens who want to live independently, but don't want to do the normal chores of live (i.e, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, transportation, paying many bills, etc.).

I've gone to Google's Keyword Tool and typed "retirement, las vegas, housing" into the "Descriptive words or phrases" field and selected "Use Synonyms". I also filtered out "high school, high, picture, school" (Please see Attached Picture #1 below). Emmy, looking at all this just makes my head swim! :) I'm on overload looking at all these words. How should I chose the domain name and then the keywords for my page? This is where I've gotten lost in the past.

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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Bob,

Hmmm, I actually think that you should still go with the general keyterms of "assisted living", "elderly assistance", "adult daycare", "retirement living", "elderly care" etc. You might not have that type of a "business" specifically, but I would venture to think the people that are looking for those types of services, would find what you offer to be along those lines.

When choosing a domain name, it's a good idea to use a keyword, but not completely necessary. I know this seems overwhelming, but I would suggest that you write down some keywords that you feel pertain to what you do, look at the fact that you are in Las Vegas, and see if there is something you can come up with that is not too long and does not include too many hyphens.

Here are just a few ideas:

Those are just some ideas. Please though, take a look through the SEO Tutorials and the Optimizing Your Site for Local Search tutorial that I gave you previously. I understand there is a lot of information in them, but hopefully they will be helpful.

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Thanks for your help. I read through those tutorials. Thank you. How did you look through the keywords and their numbers above to pinpoint the .com's you suggested? My goal is to not have you give me a fish, but to learn how to fish for myself and others. I feel kind of like you are Morpheous and I'm Neo in the Matrix. You are showing me the code (Matrix) for the first time and all I can see are the numbers, while you can see through them and are able to interact with them. Does that make sense?

Neo :)
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Hi Bob,

Emmy is currently offline but I'm sure she'll be able to comment further when she is back online.

If you have an idea of the type of service you're offering or keywords that describe it, you can try out a number of combinations and see if the domain is available.

To see if the domain is available, navigate to and insert it into "Find Your Domain" field about half way down the page.