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I am remembering to share site promotion ideas I post elsewhere with fellow Synthasiters.

Don't read this as an endorsement, just a suggestion for your own research.

Many web advertising services are out of reach for new, small sites or don't make money. This was especially true for years for webcomics, which is my area.

Then a webcomic artist named Ryan North started a company called Project Wonderful that is dedicated to the needs of small and larger sites. ( )

A huge percentage of the webcomic community uses it, and it is branching into gaming, casual apparel, jewelry, crafts, blogs and other areas at a brisk clip.

You can host ads on your site, or place ads for your site, or both. The Project Wonderful site is fast and easy to use, and helpful if you need help. I spend the money I take in to buy more ads.

The trick is to find sites that will click on your ad. To do this, you find a few and try them for a few days, then study the detailed reports you get of results, and modify accordingly.

Gradually I have determined which sites are so dependable for my ads that I can advertise on them for a month. The sites that work for me will not necessarily work for you. It is often best to start with small sites and learn from them -- you can advertise for as little as a penny a day on small sites.

You do need a PayPal account to sign up.

An outstanding return is if you are paying a penny or less per click. Acceptable is up to 3 cents, in my opinion. Sometimes it is worth paying more.

To advertise, you will need to make banners of various sizes. Look at the sizes in the blue boxes on the link I gave you. I recommend starting with the smallest. You can see an array of the button size ads on the left side of this site of mine:

If you host ads, the better placement you give them, the more money you will make. Design your site with that in mind.

Hope this info helps some people.

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  • glad to share

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Bengo: Once again, Thank You for your excellent suggestions!