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The following is copied from Google Sites policy on sharing and collaboration. Both Sean and Monique have asked for input into what users want as facilities for access for others both for controlled pages for reading and controlling input by collaborators.

I think that Google Sites have a good reference point for this so I would like to start with their policy as a kick-of:


"An overview of site sharing.There are a couple of different levels of permissions that Sites allows users to choose from. Those options are "Owners", "Collaborators", and Viewers". A brief overview of what the different aspects of sharing are:

Owners can:

Invite other owners, collaborators, or viewers
Change site themes, and layout
Change the site name
Delete the site
Do everything a collaborator can do

Collaborators can:

Create, edit, delete pages
Move pages
Add attachments
Add comments
Add/remove pages to the sidebar navigation
Subscribe to site and page changes

Viewers can:

Only view pages

An owner can also control who can edit and view by specific users

You can also make a site public to view (no sign in required)"

It would be good if we could give a fairly defined preference list to Sean as this may allow he and his team to work on the facility.
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Site Deletion
Site deletion should only be available to the owner.

It should require the explicit input of the ID and password even if the owner is logged in.

Collaborators can't remove pages. They can however take pages out of the menu. Page deletion should be a reserved function for the owner , UNLESS the collaborator has added that page within the same session. (This reservation would prevent confusion if someone had added content or important links subsequently.)
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Thanks Peter!

I hope others will join this thread and express their opinions on how site collaboration and the different roles and permissions should work.
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Out of curiosity I opened the site editor on a test site of mine from two
different PC's at the same time. Here's what I found:

- Both machines CAN log into the same account.

- Both machines can edit the same page at the same time, but after the
first one publishes you get the following error message on the second publish.

- When both machines worked on two different pages within the same site,
everything seemed to go fine and I had no problems. Both could access
the file manager and both could publish at the same time. Maybe I was lucky here, and I wouldn't suggest anyone else tries it unless you are prepared
to lose or break the site.

Conclusion: It does seem possible for multiple users to edit a site
at the same time, and I would just like to add to Peter's post here.

Here's my 2 cents:
In a multi-user environment, the Site owner has carte blanche BUT should
also have to input an ID and password for site deletion, or for pages that
have been "signed off" or marked "important" somehow.

Users, or collaborators, could have varying restrictions placed on them
as to what they can and can't edit, and this could be done as follows:

If you had a mock-up of the editor page, with radio buttons next to widgets
and certain buttons, the site owner could "check" or "unckeck" which widgets
can and can't be used by which collaborators. In other words, collaborator 1
is only allowed access to the text widget, image widget and save button.
Collaborator 2 could have access to these plus the HTHL widget as an example. The restricted widgets can be greyed out.

I liken this to a multi-user accounting package, where each user has a login
and varying restrictions are placed on them. A normal user may create or
amend an invoice, but once it has been printed (saved), it can only be edited
by a user who has higher level access. Once "admin" has "closed off" at the
end of the month, nobody has access anymore except for Admin. (The Site owner)

I would expect the multi-user option to be a "paid for" service and would be
happy to pay for this feature, and I'm sure other companies and organisations would also.