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I'm seeing messages that my sites are not published, is but does not seem to have yesterdays menu update on line. www.rtb2oneperday is uptodate but has many missing images (I have seen messages relating to this from others).

1. Any idea of a timescate to fix?

2. Are yesterdays changes to lost for ever?

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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Rob,

We're not aware of problems with changes made yesterday not taking effect - are those questions on this forum?

Could you point out the specific changes that you made in your site so that I can take a look? Are the changes still visible in the Sitebuilder?

With regard to the missing images on rtbtoneperday - could you point them out to us so that we can take a look?
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Please rwe read my statement, I stated the mising images have already been reported, not missing updates. The missing updates are a secondary issue.

I believe my English is clear and sucsinct; going forward would you prefer I placed each query into a seperate post for the purposes of clarity?

Missing images well they on www, they stick out lick a sore thumb!

I find this reply rather patronising to be honest.
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We have read your statement, and while it certainly was succinct, I'm sorry to say we did not find it altogether clear. That is why Marije was asking you for additional information. We would like to help you with this problem, and do realize that you have been struggling with images as of late. You said, "I have seen messages relating to this from others" which is what Marije was asking you to direct us to. Apologies if that was not clear.

The site you posted above did not load, even with the comma removed. Were you perhaps referring to this site:

If so, I looked on a couple pages and did not see missing images. Please tell us what pages specifically you are seeing the problem on.
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My missing changes to are now on line, my sites are showing as published, and the missing images are restored. I personaly (that means me, myself, I) have done nothing but wait. Same machine, same cashe, same everything. Now it works earlier it did not.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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Hello Rob,

Hope this is the end of your image problems. I'm responding here because I had the same symptoms. The resolution time was pretty close to 24 hours and it seems that it wasn't being fixed by Yola. It's unanswered but one suggestion was a very aggressive upstream caching link. That to me didn't fit as there was text that was being added/changed and this was coming through while images weren't changing.
Yola could see what I had published. I could see it in the builder but not in the published.(At one point I could see the old deleted images with the newer replacement images.) That's not what I was expecting :)
I think we're at the critical mass where it's appearing to be more than a one off so i hope that the people can fix it if it occurs again. And I haven't seen it re-appear on the same site.( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't re-occur)