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I’m not quite sure which way to prompt this feedback—since every SynthaSiter shares his/her own gist of a certain scheme or ideology with regard to the betterment of the services, which the company offers—but bear with me. Everybody knows that either Webmaster(s) or Web site owner(s) of a particular site produced by the SynthaSite builders is/are trying to modify the entire template of his/her Web site and weed out the link(s) or the footer notes/advertisements of the company. Indeed, when somebody owned a site by purchasing the domain name, it is his/her rights and privileges to manage the entire site and modify its contents. Nevertheless, if he/she uses the virtual Web site builder of the SynthaSite, it is a must for him/her to give credits to the company by showing the link in the footer section in return to the free service offered by the company, based on the user agreement upon signing up. Nowadays, numerous Web sites offer free services such as online tutorials and programming codes/scripts for Webmasters; however, the authorship and originality of such resources must be acknowledged and kept on the adapter’s site to avoid committing various sorts of plagiarism. My point is that, while a number of SynthaSite users whether official customers or ‘ordinary’ members put such reasonable idea into a serious scrutiny in which the company sticks the link in the footer section, I’d suggest an alternative way of acknowledging such an authorship of the company by remaining certain links to the company’s homepage. If we were to scrutinize such a conceptualization and delve into the company’s notion, we might as well have our own methodology of solving this skepticism, as there are a number of SynthaSiters that manifold and infect the virtual world of computer networks in a more recalcitrant manner.

I, too, horripilate (not getting goose bumps) when I frequently am bundled with the number of messages flashed on line in which sender expresses the necessity to weed out the sort of link, which has just been mentioned above. Who believes that such a professionally built custom Web site is created by the Webmaster who owns the Web site? Aye, the Web site is being hosted by the SynthaSite and free of any charges; however, the Web site design is not created by whoever persons or programmers or Web designers/developers employed by the SynthaSite Company, but such a Web site is created by the person who only uses the SynthaSite’s virtual Web site builders/editors. Hence, the link should be changed in a more professional skin that may not automatically tell the visitor that the Web site is created and/or generated by/through the SynthaSite Company. Since the members or site owners help the company avoid too much traffics on line and through the members, the company becomes popular in different parts of the world, credits to the members must also be acknowledged. Such a credit should recompense the members who spread the good news and words of the SynthaSite Company in terms of good services offered by rubber-stamping a few significant things that members have been requesting. One of these is that concerns the removal or a ‘change’ of link’s style. Now, here we are, little seeds that quickly grow, giving substantial fruits to the mother root, and calling the mother’s cognizance—change the link from simple yet powerful normal texts (Designed by Free CSS Templates, Create a Web site for free with SynthaSite) in the footer section into a SynthaSite-like logo with the following label (SynthaSite: Free Web Site Builder) in any parts or sections of the Web site with links to the company’s homepage. If someone is using the SynthaSite’s free templates, mention its author/designer in the source code like the source of JavaScripts in his/her site. LOL

Oh, this board is now impaired and polluted with generally approved syntax! I should have expressed my message to the SynthaSite and its support before the server say, “You have reached the minimum number of allowable syntax to be displayed on the screen. Come back again.” Hahaha!

Indeed, you offer a lot of good services with the best tools and virtual gadgets. Nothing beats you, today... Hope you work on for tomorrow’s good luck! Thanks for hosting our site, btw... ;-)

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Official Response

You will be happy to know that the option to remove the Yola Link at the bottom of your page has now been implemented. You can remove the Yola Link (footer) from all the sites in your account for 9.95 USD per year.

For more information, please see: Awesome Yola Features.

Please note: if the style has a credit to the designer, this cannot be removed due licensing requirements. To see styles that do not have design credit, see: Yola Style Guide.

Kind Regards,