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Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in having their website reviewed in this topic. So far over 150 of you have requested reviews and we have worked with approximately 50 of you.

Your requests to be reviewed have all been logged, but due to the high volume of requests, we would like you to tell us more about why you want to be selected and what you hope to gain from the experience. Tell us what you love most about your website or what you think might be areas for improvement.

Because this involves a significant investment of time and effort on our part we want to ensure that the customers we help get the maximum benefit from this process and are committed to improving their website. Let us know if you have the commitment to work with us through this process and you could be the next business owner to qualify for a professional site makeover!

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Submit your website to be reviewed by a Yola expert topic.
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Laura Thomas

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Posted 7 years ago

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David Cooke

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Good day,

It would be very much appreciated if my website can be reviewed and possibly revamped. The site has been the same since it was originally published.
The best part of the site are the two videos and it would be great if the one video which talks about the company plays as soon as someone enters the site.
Potential clients has to scroll down in order to read/view the site.
The web address:
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My website is all about content. I host a weekly radio show. I have spent a great deal of time making it as easy as possible to navigate the pages and the vast amount of content. I have listeners, musicians, people in the industry constantly checking out my site for information, interviews, playlists, archived radio shows of mine and much more.

I would love to have a makeover to see what ares of my site could use improvement and hopefully even greater ease of use.

Thank you so much!

Randy McElligott
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Help my website needs help it looks bad nothing great. Would like it to look as I spent a lot of money on it
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Henry Marks

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Hi we left our jobs working in hospitals in the UK and moved to SE Spain where we have setup a bed & breakfast. We are doing quite well but many guests have mentioned that the web site is good and very important for new and existing customers. I never put a web site together before and spent a long time looking on how to do it - only to find it was much easier with Yola but I feel there needs to be an overall of it as I personally feel it is very "plain" and needs to be more professional. Your help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation. Henry & Min
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i feel there is a lot more can be done but I do not know how to do it. Also I would like to be able to be able to take overseas payments but do not know how to do it and am afraid I make a mess. I have always felt I could do with help but cannot manage it myself unless there is a person present to show me. would it be possible to help me? thanks.
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On Line Electricals

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I would like you to do my site because i have spent a year upto now designing it and could do with some good help to get it up and running so i can see the benefit of all your design tools
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lisa lytle

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The BoneYard Antiques is a locally owned vintage marketplace just outside the historic town of Newnan, Georgia known as "The City of Homes."

When we opened our doors in November 2011 we had 5 merchant dealers and in less than 1 1/2 years we have had two expansions and are now currently the home of 45 local talented dealer merchants. Our business is totally owned & operated by owners Lisa Lytle & Jamie Price. With the tremendous growth we have experienced in such a short time our duties are becoming somewhat overwhelming and feel our web-site is suffering due to lack of time and knowledge to have it work best for us.

Thanks for considering our needs,

Lisa Lytle
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Michael Mantych

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Looking to expand my web presence and have enjoyed my relationship with Yola over these past few years. I have truly reached my limit with do it yourself ways of accomplishing this. I have recently signed with Dex One and need to make my site more web friendly. Would like to see what Yola can do for us verses what Dex One SAYS they can do for us.
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Sahr Lebbie

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My website it built to help the homeless in my local communities. Those who know about it, have been willing to help but there are so many who don't know about it and I want to reach a widescale population.

I gain nothing from this save the satisfaction that people are being blessed by what they receive. I am not in this for fame or fortune. Y'all can revamp it however you want, I just want to be able to help as many people as I can. If anyone is reading and would like to donate anything, clothes, food, toys, or anything at all; please let me know.

God Bless
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leroy caines

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Hello laura my small band of colleagues and i would appreciate the chance for a website make over i started my small business 6 months ago we are a video/audio tape to DVD/CD and file conversion specailists.

We deal in customer memories whether it be sporting events, marriage or any special family occasions. It has been a contiuous struggle to get new business and having a very very tight budget for marketing our website does need some re-structuring from the point of being more customer trustworthy, friendly and an browsing customer experience. We are committed in helping all we can in making our website work plus Laura If you have any video/audiotapes that need converting we would glady give you a discounted price if you and your colleagues can make this happen

Thank you

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Maggie Newell

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I am a small home-based business & feel that this is reflected by website design. I'm not an IT specialist & feel that it shows. I'd dearly love to have the time to sit down & re-design my website tom ake it sicker & more professional looking. I'm also starting to receive more hits from search engines these days & would love my website to stay in peoples memories & entice them to use me
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Lydia Dodsworth

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We would love you to help improve our site. We started our business last year, my daughter designed the website, her first ever, and since then although we have been running everything on a tight budget, have managed to slowly get bigger and better!
We haven't done anything like this before so have no previous experience. We would love you to make improvements to our website, we know that having a customer friendly website will help us to expand further.
Whenever we ring Yola to make enquires about using the website the staff are always really helpful and supportive and compliment us on our website, but... we know we can do so much better. We really need some expert advice and professional input from you guys would be fantastic!
We do like the way our website looks but know there are areas that need improving, We haven't made many changes since we started, we don't quite know where to start!. HELP!!
If you choose us, it will truly give our business the boost it needs!
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karl bedson

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Whilst I love the ease of YOLO, I am struggling to make my website come alive, it has all the facts, figures and some good pictures, yet is missing that zing, that wow compulsion which I and I think anybody who looks for web based pages look for when they first open the home page.
If you would take a look at my soap site and wave your experienced magic over my site or even just my home page, I would be eternally thankful, as I have yet to take a sale from the site, I am selling well direct to person i.e. via shops, farmers markets, etc and also via ETSY, and the hit numbers on my site are slowly creeping up, yet no one has purchased, please help.
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Jennie's Cakes Turnbull

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I would be interested in having a make over for my website. I have enjoyed designing it my self and being in control of it but I want to make sure I am doing the best for my business, I think it is working well for me but not sure if it could be doing better.
I want to take my business full time so I would really apreciate the help.
Thank you in adavance.
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At eighty years old, I may possibly be your oldest applicant. But I may also be your greenest one. I simply cannot get my site to work like I want it to. In particular, I can't make it satisfactorily interactive. I started my site two years ago, and have been impressed with the level of service and attention you give me. Maybe your admirable gurus can help this old codger to develop the viable, VIBRANT site I need.
Photo of Dwight & Helder at Aura Escapes

Dwight & Helder at Aura Escapes

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I am dyslexlic and when people come to my classes they tell me about all the spelling and gram a mistakes on my web page and that they all most did not come to the worskoppecause my site is so bad.I also have trouple editing my site. &
Thank you
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Lisa Mardis

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After giving over a decade of my life to municipal government, I took a leap of faith right smack in to the "good ole boy" pool. In a business dominated by men, I have been busy making a name for myself. (Although that may sound

I help developers, contractors, business owners, and property owners get their projects through various branches of government. I began my business to help single-family homeowners with projects such as additions, detached structures, and the like. If you own a house where zoning restrictions apply, I’m sure you have heard the words...setbacks, encroachments, height restrictions....over and over again. Variance, ring a bell? All too often property owners are told that they have to go before intimidating boards or commissions. That is where I come in.
Although my business is crazy busy, I am missing the aspect of single family home owners....the reason I started this business.

Help! Please....

Being a one man....I mean woman show, I find it difficult to find time to work on my website, to reach out to the people that could use my assistance.

By the way, my business...Project Management Services (initials PMS) is looking for a tagline.
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Jay Barry

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Perhaps I may be unique in this endeavor (okay, so I haven't read everyone's replies), but I am a writer selling my book and myself (no, not like that), which by very near definition is boring. Okay, so my mom thinks I'm cool. Does that help?
Anyway, I slapped some things together, using something akin to assumed arrogance (gosh darn it, people like me!), and the standard I-have-no-idea-what-I'm-doing approach. I don't get a lot of people stopping by and not a lot of sales either. I would like something eye catching and perhaps more pleasant to navigate.
So if you're up for a charity case, stop by at

Jay Barry
Author of "Throttling the Bard"
A story of motorcycle mayhem and the evils of student loans.
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David Bray

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Hi, we need all the help we can to improve and reach our target audience and would welcome some professional advice to improve We can only take it as far as the tools allow and we know that there must be some things we can do to improve it and would so love to have a professional makeover and suggestions, go on help us to make us better....


David Bray
www.allthe for lovely Hello Kitty gifts and so much more.
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Cocoon Hair

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Hi there...

I have tried to use every widget you have available. I would study other websites and try to dissect just what made the other sites look right. I think after many months and hours I have taken our website as far as I can. I am at a loss as to what else I could possibly do. I know it could be better, but I just don't know how. I always seem to struggle with sizing of widgets, lining up the format of text properly and simply coordinating the total look.

If you could take a look at our site and recommend some professional changes that would be awesome.

Thanks a million!

Dimitri Maragos
Cocoon Hair
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Every bird thinks her eggs are the whitest... We gave birth to our website and are totally subjective when looking at it. All we can see is perfection... WE NEED SOMEBODY FROM THE OUTSIDE to tell us the truth. Our sites name:

OK - Shoot - we are ready for it
Photo of Adam Cook

Adam Cook

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I have tried a few ways of improving my website but looking for professional opinion! I'm not really a graphics type of person that knows how to make the website look appealing to customers.. I run a print business (large format printing) and would like help to give my website a makeover.

Photo of Mirko


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Thanks for introducing the makeover. Sounds very exciting to have a possibility to benefit from this feature.
I will try to tell you why I would REALLY appreciate to have an opportunity to have help in improving my website.
We are family of 5 who have been struggling to make ends meet for last few years. That despite my full time job, wife working (limited due to her health limitations) and our endeavor to live quite a simple life. So, I have been trying to think of ways to earn additional income.
Eventually I thought of a small business, a service that could be a way to accomplish what I intended. With our limited resources we invested some money to buy the equipment enough to start the business. I also made the website through Yola by myself using cheapest option trying to make it as best as I could spending numerous hours. However, based on comments of some of my friends the website could definitely use some improvement. My business didn't work out as I have planned in part due to being relatively new technology and in part due to my inability to do proper advertising. One important disadvantage in my opinion is not having a professionally looking website. Being very busy with work, as a dad and some volunteer activities in helping people in my community and being tired of working on my website with not much improvement I gradually got discouraged in trying to make this work. I think that having a well made website could make a big difference in my motivation to continue the pursuit and would make a difference in making it a success. I don't have much time to work on the website anymore. The website and it's purpose is quite self explanatory. I would need someone who knows what he is doing to get in, take an honest look at it and freely make adjustments with right tools and knowledge according to his honest observation.

Things that I like about website are green color and blue that permeate, our mission statement, background story, FAQ.
I don't like the home page, fonts, lack of simplicity etc.

Thanks for taking time to consider this:)

Mirko T.
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Deborah Agnew

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Please Help!
I work for a company which is privately owned by a 75 year old dinosaur. He has extremely little understanding of the internet in general and no matter how much I try to explain the benefits of a professional website and content he just doesn't get it. He still runs his business as if it was the 70's. I have tried my best to do a website which reflects the products which we are selling - (WHICH IS NEW HOMES) and when you compare ours to leading housebuilders lets just say it doesnt!!!
PLEASE PLEASE help me to help an old man move his business forward in the right direction...

Craig Muir
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Darija Sierra

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Hi, I wanted to thank you for this opportunity. It is a great idea.

I have started working on my business idea last year and after being let go from my full time job at the beginning of this year, have decided it was time to become my own boss.

I train First Aid courses and have been struggling to get people to see my site. I want to reach as many parent and child carers as possible, as well as local businesses, so they can take time and learn all important lifesaving techniques. I don't know how to get people to find my page and sign on the course. I have spent many hours trying to update and better my site, but don't have experience or enough IT knowledge to make it very functional.

I had to deal with few freud calls from not so nice people, but thankfully realised it before loosing money. Thant is why what you are doing is so great.

I am 100% committed to my business and will persevere no mater what, but it would be great to get some professional feedback and help.

Panacea First Aid Training