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Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in having their website reviewed in this topic. So far over 150 of you have requested reviews and we have worked with approximately 50 of you.

Your requests to be reviewed have all been logged, but due to the high volume of requests, we would like you to tell us more about why you want to be selected and what you hope to gain from the experience. Tell us what you love most about your website or what you think might be areas for improvement.

Because this involves a significant investment of time and effort on our part we want to ensure that the customers we help get the maximum benefit from this process and are committed to improving their website. Let us know if you have the commitment to work with us through this process and you could be the next business owner to qualify for a professional site makeover!

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Submit your website to be reviewed by a Yola expert topic.
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Laura Thomas

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Posted 7 years ago

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Photo of Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

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Hello Yola

I would really like your help with giving my website a makeover. I am single mother of three trying to find a way to spend more time with my kids. I know my website needs some work but I don't really have time to adjust everything nor where to start. I am currently a gold member and so far found your site to be the best website creator. If you could please take a look at I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
Photo of iain young

iain young

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can you have look at my site

i have been with you a year now and lately decided to update it as i have additional services to offer.
i have few questions to ask
1 can i add my twitter posts to the site and where can i find flash images for the site.
all comments are welcome
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my website is for a social enterprise that is filling a gap in cinematic provision for black communities in the UK. We are creating films clubs owned by the public to screen films that represent them. i would like the website to be user-friendly, clean and inviting for interested parties. Unfortunately, we are a new organisation and i am stretched with running it and have become too time poor regarding utilising the excellents widgets that you provide. We need to punch above our weight in encouraging visitors to engage with us so that we can deliver to a high standard therefore, i hope that we win the lottery here and secure your help.

bless priscilla
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I think this is a great idea, allowing do it yourself kind of people the opportunity to get a professional makeover for no more than being a current user of your excellent product.
I'm submitting my web site for a few reasons.
The first being that I'm selling into a very competitive market place where there many sites vying for the same customer base and I would like a knowledgeable opinion and redo.
The second is that I'm very new at this and while I think I have done a fairly good job I would appreciate all the help I can get to make my site more appealing and searchable.
The third is that I'm not you average site where there is an online store opportunity, or just local sales. Its used oil field equipment which is very much a narrow market but covers a vast area.
I hope it may lead Yola to add some different templates options and site design.
Thank you for the time your taking on this project and I hope you pick my site to MAKEOVER.

Photo of Cynthia Djengue

Cynthia Djengue

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Hello Yola Team!

I have worked hard to develop my own website in my spare time, as a single mom who works full time and dream of creating my own lucrative business. My concepts and products are good but I think I need some streamlining. I have a little too much going on and I can admit it.

I need help with cleaning it up. My website,, and many other names of which I have already bought domains for - seeking my destiny and putting my intentions out there by getting started with the basics - are sure to catch some eyes. I need a personalized logo. I need a page that doesn't go on for miles and miles. I have pdf files, social media links to be seen and need your help my website experts! I signed up with Yola because of someone talking about in on an online radio interview! It was so random. Can we then reciprocate some love for one another?

Thanks for considering me! I have a new name and concept to market and would be so grateful! In return, I will shamelessly market you back!

Love, Cynthia Djengue
Photo of Michelle Jacobs

Michelle Jacobs

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Good day fabulous Yola peeps

I run Action Innovation and Creativity Gym, both using Yola website through your yola package. I am in the process of shifting gears with my physical services, to offer online products, so I would LOVE help in revamping my sites to accommodate this.

The upside for me would be a better running, profitable online business, and the upside for YOLA would be thatI would recommend and refer them to YOLA as they move into their own businesses or take them online (that's part of the services I offer through my coaching business).

Would so love and appreciate the help - not so easy to do this all solo!

Your wanna-be-geek but so-not-a-techy-yet!

Photo of Fiona Mandy Morgan

Fiona Mandy Morgan

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hello and a beautiful day were having !!!
I would like you to look at mine and tell me why I need mine re-vamping you are the experts and I would like a fresh wow factor web site
I have already attempted to get a different company to make it fabulous however they didnt do what I wanted to achieve
so its in your hands ............. do your stuff yola !!!

I feel I have too much on my site and would like it simplified
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Two years ago I introduced a new composite fencing system to the market. At that time I set up a Yola web page to test the reaction. Since that time I have been testing the product to make sure it does what it says on the tin. I am now confident enough in the product to press the commercial button and would a[ppreciate it if someone could take a look at my site to see how it could be improved.
Photo of Rehan Kazi

Rehan Kazi

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I want a new look for my website, which is representing a multi national company.
Photo of Anna Wong

Anna Wong

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Hi there, I want my website to look more professional, please help:)
Really appreciate it!
Photo of roddy laretive

roddy laretive

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hi yola team.I would really be grateful if you could please help me with my site.I have no one visiting my site and all so no one has brought any thing off my website for over 2years since I started my website.I no I'm doing something wrong and would like your professional website is it would be nice if I can make just one sale.
Kind regards
Roddy Laretive
Photo of Stefan Gudmundsson

Stefan Gudmundsson

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Hello and thanks for your service up to date. It has helped me in business. I am trying to make a go of my business by going to the IBIE Bakery Show in Las Vegas in October. It takes a lot of money to try to be in your own business. If you could help me to make my website and .ca looking more professional, it would be very much appreciated. I am not going to tell you what I need, you are the professionals. What you see now is what I put together with your great yola system.
Photo of Bonny Hughes

Bonny Hughes

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Blessings Yola Team -

I have loved having this site for many many years, and am always looking for guidance and ways to make it more user friendly. Yes, I AM open to improving my site and creating the energies that will create even more love and light those who visit it.
If you would take the time to check out my site, I would truly appreciate it. I know we can always learn and grow and I am ready to move forward fearlessly, open to improvements and changes that may help people to find my site and once they are there to be able to navigate it easily and find what will assist them the most.
I AM Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration and I remain a loyal YOLA Site user and look forward to continued amazing opportunities available using my YOLA site.
Blessings Abound! Bonny Hughes
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Thanks so much for this opportunity!

I started my Yola site over a year ago, and it still looks horrible in my opinion. I'm just not a designer, plus I spend so much time with actual work that I can't ever seem to make the time to figure out how to make it better.

I write full time, and this site is my "business" site, although I haven't really leveraged it yet because of my limitations in making it attractive and useful. I manage a few other writers through this company, and getting the site up to par would be a step closer to being able to offer work to others.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks again!

Wally Peterson
Photo of Giulia Iannucci

Giulia Iannucci

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Hi Team,
thank you for this opportunity! I've created my Yola website almost one year ago. I love how easy it's to customize it and your customer service is great. What i love most is that i can use the website as a window for my online shop. However i found quite difficult to upload the images to show case my collections (if you notice the images are not perfectly aligned). I also like the clean and simple style of my website but i think that it could do with a bit punchier design and maybe with a different structure.
Your help and advise would be great. my website is and the products i designed are for pregnant women. The idea is to help them get a seat on public transport and to celebrate their baby news.
Hope to picked up by you for a makeover
Thank you!!
Photo of RugbyLeagueRatings


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Hi there, I created my website over a year ago here, and with your help, I've got it to a state where it looks okay, and it's not too difficult to navigate (I hope).

I'd like to improve its look and layout, as it's quite basic at the moment, but I'm worried that any changes to the style that I make will cause me a huge amount of work in terms of rearranging the elements of the site. This is what it felt like when I first put things together.

I'm also interested in more complex elements, such as embedded statistics and graphics, but I don't know where to start!
Photo of Leeann Martin

Leeann Martin

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Thank you for this opportunity Yola. I would love to be selected as building a website is nothing I have done before. I have a home based business which I really need to get noticed. My field has become really competitive over the years & Ive tried everything to pull clients in & I am having a hard time getting this business going. The problem being that I don't know these little tricks to have my site linked to Google, or have it pop up in a internet search. I've spent years getting my education & I would just love to be able to share my knowledge with everyone else & show people what I can do. I was recently just selected by Nail Pro Magazine and it would be so amazing if I could share this on my website. I just need to know what ways are best for doing this.
What I hope to gain from this experiance is a more professional look & the helpfull information that a professional can offer me who deals with this area.
The areas of my site that I feel need improving on are connecting via Social Media and having my site come up with an internet search.
I have the commitment & time to work with Yola as I work from home full time, but mostly because my business means the world to me. I had to give it up years ago & it was heart breaking. I now need to make up for all those lost years & to show people the service that they will get from me is 110%. I strongly beleive in customer service & want show my clients you get what you pay for & more.

Leeann Martin
Photo of John Marshall Prowell

John Marshall Prowell

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My website is Big Apple Fashions ( want to become the #1 online retailer in the world. I think if my site had some professional input that i can accomplish that goal .
Photo of Edwina Popa

Edwina Popa

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Thank you so much for this opportunity!
I am hoping to make this website for college...kind of like a "Why you should pick me." website. I am still in high school but I am starting to prepare this site for later on in life. I am not done with it but I want to put a little bit more about me on it and also more pictures. I play tennis and I want to play in college so I was thinking of putting some pictures on there about that. I need ideas on how to make it more appealing and better to represent me and things like that.

Thank you again!
Photo of Info Mimosa Jewels

Info Mimosa Jewels

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Hi Laura,

I'd love to have my website looked at and made-over by your team of professionals.

I'm undergoing a brand change and really want to improve how my website looks. I have experimented a lot with changing the style, layout and colour palette however I want to find something to suit my business and brand.

So far, my website sales haven't been great so I'd love to somehow change our website to generate more traffic to the website and in turn increase the sales.

The most important change I'd like is to somehow separate the price and postage buttons in my payment gateway. And I also want to change the appearance of the "View Cart" and "Add to Cart" buttons, which I have tried to do many times but to no avail.

I hope I do get selected for a website makeover! My site is

I'd really appreciate your help in the matter.

Many thanks,

Photo of Anastasia Charitou

Anastasia Charitou

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My website should receive a free makeover because it is not as beautiful as it
could be.
Photo of carol ann creagh

carol ann creagh

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my Angels need their feathers fluffed up!
angels wings & feathers
if im to take my books flying into cyber
thanx carol ann
Photo of Karen Martin Ritzenthaler

Karen Martin Ritzenthaler

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Simply put, Im a baker...Not a web designer. My website is sad and pathetic and really needs your help!! I would SOOOO love the opportunity to work with your amazing staff to make my website more than it is now, more exciting, more inviting to my customers! PLEASE consider helping me, Im begging.... Lol!! I am a small business owner, I created my unique stuffed muffin line about 2 years ago and have been officially offering my wares for about a year.....
I look forward to hearing from you...
Warm regards,
-Karen Ritzenthaler
Photo of Niel Gnesin

Niel Gnesin

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I have been in the design field for about 17 years. During I held one job at Caniaidus Int. Recently I was diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer and had to cut my workload. I did that but it still wasn't good enough so I left to start working at home although I still remain on the board. I never realized how rough and time consuming it would be. I have my site through you folks, but it could use a makeover. I can't have face to face meeting with clients due to the illness, thank God for Skype. It would be great if you guys could help out. Keep in touch,
Niel Gnesin

PS Can't seem to login to the popup.
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I would love a website makeover i'm not very good on a computer and really do need a professional looking website for my business