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Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in having their website reviewed in this topic. So far over 150 of you have requested reviews and we have worked with approximately 50 of you.

Your requests to be reviewed have all been logged, but due to the high volume of requests, we would like you to tell us more about why you want to be selected and what you hope to gain from the experience. Tell us what you love most about your website or what you think might be areas for improvement.

Because this involves a significant investment of time and effort on our part we want to ensure that the customers we help get the maximum benefit from this process and are committed to improving their website. Let us know if you have the commitment to work with us through this process and you could be the next business owner to qualify for a professional site makeover!

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Submit your website to be reviewed by a Yola expert topic.
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Laura Thomas

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Posted 7 years ago

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Lola Ayodele

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Hi Yola Team,

Thanks for your interest to makeover our website .

The website aim is to support our network members on linked in group of over 1500 members. Our web designer has created new files but Yola did not accept the files to be uploaded.

If you can help upload the files and make an input you will benefit from the free promotions we can offer Yola to our linked in members.

Our current website :
Linkedinpage :

Thanks for your custom.
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Karleen Sollenbarger

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Greetings Yola!

My website is very "generic" and needs a little pizzaz! I am not much of a computer wizzard and being of the older generation, I am still afraid if I push the wrong button I will launch a missle or something! I own a small retail gift shop in a rural community and would like my website to help generate more business. I know that a professional website and "social networking" can do a lot to promote my business; I just need some help in putting it all together. I would very much appreciate a "website makeover"!

Thank you!
Karleen Sollenbarger
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boracay spot

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we want to improve our website to Increase traffic and attract more people to view my site.

Best regarda
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Kim S.

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I am still very new to creating a website. I think I have done a good job but would love to see what you can do with my site. I run a very successful home daycare and would love to promote it more professionally. I would appreciate it if you would consider my site for a makeover.
Thank you!
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Hi Laura & thank for the opportunity to submit my site '' for a yola makeover. I would love the opportunity to work with you to create a custom stlyle/layout for its pages, one that could give it a contemporary penaz as it were.

Basically the site is still under construction as I ha a load of content to populate it with, I want to create easy navigation tabs on various pages that open up various topics of a given page, additionally I'm interested in upgrading to the webstore to market various heath product & book deals I'm currently negotiating with various sources.
I'm leaning java, HTML & have implimented a few scripts on some pages i.e.'show-more/ show-less & iframes etc & would love to see further improvements.

I'm very motivated & extremely excited about this opportunity for Yola to jazz up the site into the 21st century!!
Kind regards, The Info-ranger.
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Jonathan Clemett

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Dear Laura,
Like many of Yola's users I am a small business owner with zero design experience. I am spending all my time trying to stimulate business growth in the areas that I am good at, none of which include web design. I have new strands of business which I would like to communicate to prospective clients via my website but simply do not have the "ability" to make a WOW and interesting website. Like many others I would very much appreciate and value a make-over from the Yola staff, I am a lowly sole trader at the moment but a revamped site and the business growth it may bring would also allow me to start hiring staff and provide much needed employment.
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Alan Cornforth

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I built my website to promote my Backwoods Training business, I am no webmaster but thanks to yola I had a go, and I think it looks OK, the thing is there are lots of very good websites out there in the WWW advertising bushcraft and backwoods, and I would like my site to be one of them. Can you help me please.
All the best Alan
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Emma Louise Brown

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Hi laura

Firstly, I would like to say I thinks it great Yola are offering this opportunity to their customers.

Now onto my website and why I think it could benefit from a makeover......
I am a Zumba and Zumbatomics Dance Fitness Instructor and attract most of my new customers via my website. However, in comparision to other Zumba Instructor websites out there and the whole ZUMBA idea, mine is quite lame, boring and unimaginative!
I think it could really benefit from some professional design input! My webste is Basic to say the least and its my first try at this. I currently get on avergae 50 hits per week, which are quite a few hits for a lame, boring site. I am sure I could intise many more Zumberers to my classes if my website had more of the WOW factor!
Really hope you can help
May thanks
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I am 83 years old and have no knowledge of web designs. I wanted to spend my retirement usefully and hence opened an account with you. To tell you the fact I am some time unable even to follow your tutorials. I up graded it not knowing that it was targeted for business development.I therefore need your assistance to improve my web site. . I am sad that I started to learn computer and that by trial and error very late in life. I am glad with your offer. Please do help.
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barry shepherd

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Where do i start, images,online payments, online sales, creating offers and bundles. Just making my site stand out.
My business is growing but I feel my website has lots of room for improvement.
Always happy to try something new and to put the work in but not sure where to start.
My business is a property maintenance and cleaning my website also needs some tender care!!!

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Maxine Aliette Crowhurst

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If you have the time to have a little look at my site you would not need ask why....I try and try but cannot seem to get it looking professional!!!!!
Photo of Monique Howard

Monique Howard

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I would really like to increase my reflexology business so having a professional eye-catching website would be great. Everything I know about computers I learned from a co-worker or trial and error so I could use a lot of help. I'm 48 years young so computer courses weren't offered while I was in school. I am also great at letting people know when I'm extremely happy with good services so I would definitely let people know If I was chosen and had increased business from my new and improved website.
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My website needs a professional make over.
I made my website with yola a few years back and yola has been very helpful for my topic that is saving endangered pandas. is trying to tell as many people as they can about Giant Pandas and how there are only 1600 pandas left in the wild.

If you could give lots of help maybe...Just maybe I can tell everyone.

If it is possible for you to do a make over that would great yola :) . Can't wait for your reply.
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alexandra tosto

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I'm a jewellery designer and I'm using Yola since more than a year.
In my profession a website is very important, it gives me visibility and credibility, but a bad website can also do a lot of damage... I have spent, and still do, a lot of time trying to improve the aesthetics and dynamism of this site but really cannot seem to get it right...
Please help me make the most of it, I really need to improve everything about it.
Thank you for your time
Kind regards
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Darryl Atherton

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HI there:

We have recently opened our Social Enterprise offering Holistics Therapies to the disadvantaged and those with long-term health issues or chronically sick and disabled, we cannot charge much for our services, as by nature these people do not have a vast income, so we have to get by on low levels of income, but we are there to help try and make our customers' lives more tolerable, not to earn a small fortune. Any help in improving our site - more attrractive and informative for our customers and potential customers will be greatly appreciated, we can do some build, but expertise is priceless.

Thank you

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I have a 'drive cleaning business' and for this business I have other websites. I also have other businesses with websites on Yola and elsewhere. I have lots of business from these other sites but nothing from my Yola sites. I set up the Yola site, but I have 'packages' elsewhere that seem to work very well but they have people to help for free. However - I like my Yola sites - simple and to the point, and they are 'mine'!! But obviously they 'lacking' as no-one seems to find them! I have to make a decision in 6 months time when my Yola Silver needs to be renewed. I will then move all my sites, either away or to Yola.

I am so relieved to have the chance of some help as I have put a lot of effort into the sites at Yola, and feel that I have spent a fair bit of money for no return.

I feel fed up !

I can't even get this live now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photo of Rita Oconnor

Rita Oconnor

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hello Yola Staff
I love my site but it needs finishing touches and i need advice on how to direct people to it, please help

Photo of ron baker

ron baker

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Hi Laura. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work with an expert. You have no idea how much I would appreciate doing this! Our website feels user friendly (to us) but I'm sure it could be more slick. I want our visitors to be able to feel the welcome they would get if they stayed with us. I want them to be able to easily hop from room to room and book wherever they are on the site. I have a vision of slick, smooth, welcoming and above all user friendly! I have worked hard on this site but feel I lack the knowlwdge to make it really shine. I also would like our site to be easily found by any search engine. Right now one needs to be a Shelock Holmes to find us! Yola has provided us with a great platform but I certainly lack the expertise to fully utilise the product. www.theenglishexperiencebedandbreakfa...
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Zoe Barker

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Hi laura.

I have had my website up and running for over a year now and did my best when I designed it. But I feel that it is just not right and have not had many people looking at it or using it. I would really like you to take a look at it and give me some advice. I have tried moving things around and changing pictures etc but still not happy.

Many thanks
Photo of Neda Nabavi

Neda Nabavi

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It would be great to get a makeover on my website as it is a few years old. As a professional it has helped me stay connected with colleagues and give them a view into who I am beyond the office.

Most importantly it has played an integral role in helping me support an organization near and dear to my heart, Association House of Chicago. I have done a series of fundraising events and my website has been the base for event details and ticket sales.

A website makeover will be great to help get further exposure for organizations I am involved in and am passionate about.
Photo of Lisa T

Lisa T

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I've had no time to do any arranging of the web site since I put it up over two yrs ago. It is for my husband, who is a wood worker, who builds furniture out of recycled lumber. The lumber he uses is over 100 yrs old. I, quit one job in June to start a new job, and this spring started a second part time job. Neither job has to do with web design.
Husband has been selling his furniture like crazy by me putting his web site and photo's on craigs list when I have the time. There has to be an easier way for me to teach husband how to load his own photo's and add his reclaimed lumber built furniture than waiting me to come home to work on the web site.
I would love a web site make over as I am over booked right now.
Any help would be grateful for, today or next week. Thank you for your time in this matter. Last time I updated was here...
Lisa and Toby
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What fantastic furniture Toby. The work of putting the images in has been a very big job Lisa!

I hope that Yola can take this site and run with it. I'm sure that Yola could work magic with this site being the epitome of small business, superbly crafted feel good products and ideal for e-com.
Photo of Jason lanczkowski

Jason lanczkowski

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I am the owner and 1 of only 3 employees of a company where We make and sell fresh beef jerky locally. I have a full time job where I work 50 hours a week and spend all my free time making and selling my product. I've been doing good selling my jerky on my eBay site as well but I would much rather sell my jerky on my own website. I have used your site to create but I don't feel like it is up to the same standards as our product. I have been searching through yolasite blogs for help and tips and have tried to use my Paypal account to make more widgets but I can't get the site to look the way I want. If you can't fix it for me with a makeover how about at least giving me some better instruction. I mean I make beef jerky not design websites
Photo of Medway Muay Thai

Medway Muay Thai

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Hello :)

I think the really needs a facelift! We are a little gym in Medway and the only Muay Thai club around for miles. We decided to put ourselves on the map by creating a website, something that we knew very little about! Since then our numbers have grown slightly and we have a really loyal following but I think that the website just doesn't quite have the 'edge' and could be a little more professional looking as there are so many fantastic, fresh and modern Martial Art club websites out there. Yola has already helped a great deal, your site builder is brilliant but we really need a little bit of your help. Thank you for taking the time to read this!


The Medway Muay Thai Team
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Hi Laura & Yola,
Like most small business owners not only do we do our "jobs" but also much of the "behind the scenes" work that it takes to run a small business these days. Even as easy as Yola has been to use & coupled with the very limited knowledge I have regarding web-design, I feel our site lacks the character our business truly reflects. We are a dance studio that caters to adults (absolutely no children). I am not only the owner but also the lead instructor. We teach everything from classical Ballet to Swing Line Dances from the 30's. Our students range from mid- 20's to early 60's. They are everything from working parents, licensed professionals, business owners to college students. We are located in a historic building within a historic district and have been working hard over the past few years to restore the splendor & beauty of our vintage dance studio. We would like our website to reflect that same vintage splendor but with a cutting edge of hip sophisticated technology. I can choreograph a Ballet but can't seem to choreograph our site. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time & Thank you for this opportunity.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight Dance Studio
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I am a procurement manager not a web designer. I am also mother of 4 children who jungles my full time job with them. I will appreciate your free web designing opportunities. It has taken me almost 2years to try and design it myself but it proves a bit clumsy. The website is for selling different accessories for everyone including children. I am looking at starting a full time online business selling this diverse accessories from home while taking care of the children. I will appreciate if you can please help design my website. Thank you for considering for the opportunity.