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Text editing tools are not working. I cannot center text. When I click on the hyperlink tool the page grays out but never goes to the pop-up showing the hyperlink options.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hello iggygrey,

Is that possibly Google Chrome that you are using? Google Chrome is not yet a Yola-supported browser and there are a number of known issues including problems using the text widget. Please could you use a different browser (we recommend Firefox) until Google Chrome is a supported browser.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If that is not Chrome and you are still experiencing this issue, please let me know.

Kind Regards,
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Hello Emmy,

If it weren't for Chrome I could not edit my site at all! I've used Synthasite/Yola for over two years. About two months ago, site editor stopped working on Firefox.

Editing with Firefox is troubling when available. The text edit dashboard never appears when I select a text box and I cannot select anything. I don't get an editing cursor nor does clicking on any element do anything. I've repeatedly emailed support on these issues and filled out the "red box" crash/failure pop-up. Using IE on Yola is less fun than a root canal. So, I'm left with Chrome which allows me to at least edit text.

The main reason for the lack of a functioning site editor is that the site never loads completely in the editor. I've waited for hours (literally) just to see if the the Firefox activity bar would get passed "Waiting for sitebuilder.yola.com" or "Transferring data from sitebuilder.yola.com...". It doesn't. Reloading the page doesn't work either.

I shut down all my ad blockers and pop-up blockers in Firefox without any difference. It may be a version problem with FireFox I have 3.53 now but the problems started earlier.

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Helly iggygrey

Emmy is offline right now. I hope you don't mind me stepping in on her behalf. Can you please try something for me? Please try clearing the cache in your browser. I came across this before with another user and doing that seems to have done the trick. You can also check to make sure you have the latest flash installed. http://www.adobe.com/products/flashpl...

Please let us know if this continues to be problem and we can explore other possible causes. It would also be helpful if you could share with us your site URL so that we can take a closer look at what's going on.
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Hi iggygrey,

This is the kind of thing that might happen if you have unwanted MS code on the site. Have you maybe copied text straight in from Word?

Leave your URL and someone will go through the code and check for you.

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Well spotted, Lee. I took the liberty of looking up the URL for this site and there is text pasted from MS Word on the page in the screenshot. I can see the MsoNormal tags in the source code.

This could account for your problems editing text in Firefox as well as the problem with the link editor.

When you copy and paste rich text directly from MS Word (or another word processor) onto your site, this brings along a whole lot of unwanted formatting that is not web friendly and can easily break your page.

Pasting from MS Word can also cause your site to show up inconsistently in different browsers. The problem might not always show up immediately, but sometimes it happens after you save and navigate to a different page or log out and log in again. To avoid display and loading issues, the best alternative is first to paste your text into NotePad (in the accessories folder of your computer) and then paste it as plain text onto your Yola page. You can then use the Yola text editor to format your text as desired. Please note that this would be the case with any browser-based text editor you might use, not just Yola. It is a universal website building problem.

It's also always a good idea to keep a copy of your text in a .txt file from Notepad so that you have a backup copy kept on your PC.

The solution in this case - you can delete the page or delete the existing text and then re-add it to your page following the steps above. Another alternative is to try to edit your text in Firefox as the problem with the cursor appears to be specific to Internet Explorer.

For more information on why your site might not load in the site builder and what to do about it, see this excellent tutorial: http://www.yola.com/tutorials/site-no.... You can also use this http://html101.yolasite.com/ to format and spell check your text and strip out MS Word code. It will generate valid markup which you can safely paste into the Yola site builder.

If this doesn't work for you or if you have already tried this advice with no success, please let us know.
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Hello Emmy - Littleus - Monique - UKDuke (my in-laws are English),

Thanks for the replies. The site I needed help on is for a nonprofit (www.foslsp.org) so your help and insight is doubly good. I work on the site when I can which is usually at night and in the day when I got a minute. Troubleshooting often waits until I'm near a stroke.

Clear Cache - I did this several times. My FireFox browser clears everything except passwords on exit anyway. Did it while on site builder today. No joy.

Update Flash - Though I believed I was current, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Flash (10). No joy.

The Flash update gave me an idea. I suspected the images were a problem and knew images in site editor are loaded/pulled from a flash server. I shut off "Load images automatically" in FF and was able to edit text and do everything but without images (even the dashboards had no images). That was neat to know but not only half a solution.

I next suspected maybe FF 3.5.3 was a skoosh incompatible. The problems kinda coincided with Yola's upgrades and my FF update. I installed a portable version of legacy FF 3.016 onto a flash drive.

The first flash drive I used was an old and slow one and I found out quickly how disk/cache/memory intensive site editor (whew!). I dumped FF 3 over to a larger/faster flash drive and...as the Germans' say...voila! I got on Yola and got my old site builder back.

Nice and doable and workable for now. However, I'd like to solve the FF 3.5.3 thingy and I'm hoping MS code, which has bit me in the past when I did sites with Frontpage and HTML coding. I'll try stripping MS code out first before doing any wholesale cut-to-notepad++paste-save-cut-to-yola-paste.

Thanks very much. I'll let you if the MS code kill works.