Text Widget changed its default line spacing in March

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Text Widget changed its default spacing for hard pargraphs. Does anyone know of a good text filter?
I need a means either to replace “hard” paragraph breaks (ASCII CR LF) in text which I'm posting to my site with “soft” line feeds (ASCII LF) marks or for Text Widget to revert to its default prior to mid March this year, of paragraph breaks being about 1.2 line spaces. The ultimate luxury would be for Text Widget to offer a paragraph spacing option. Altering the codes manually, as advised by Yola is unrealistic with the volumes I have.
I started using MS Word Find/Replace to alter (in Microsoft-speak) ^p formatting codes to ^l on my XP machine and this worked. Now I'm using Open Office Writer on Windows 8, it can't do this (a rare deficiency).Yola's recent assertion that paragraph spacing is controlled only by the browser is not entirely correct. Prior to late March this year, Text Widget was treating hard paragraph breaks as about 1.2 line spacing, and all was well. Then it started treating it as double line spacing. This change is consistent across Windows XP and Windows 8, and across IE8, IE10 and Chrome. The change is tracked on some of my site pages which I update weekly – I can see where the line spacing changedy. My source .TXT file formats s have remained unchanged across that period, with all incoming line breaks being CR LF.
I can see that the HTML generated by Text Widget has altered. This was about the time that Text Widget stopped showing HTML wrapped on the screen, making it hard to see what was going on (please can we go back to wrapping the HTML on screen?).
New sitebuilder (which I much prefer, incidentally) behaves exactly the same.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hi Ed

Thank you for this detailed description of the problem you're experiencing with paragraph spacing in the different web browsers and environments.

If you have a Yola Silver or Yola Gold account, you are able to adjust the line height using CSS which override the default settings. This will affect/change the text throughout your site which means you do not have to edit the text manually.

Which subscription package do you have? Also, please share one of the pages on your site where the line height issue is prevalent.

Thank you for working with us on this.
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I'm a freebie account, and it looks like the time just came to upgrade. Will arrange this. Thanks for reading my query carefully and providing the info.
But PLEASE can we go back to the HTML view wrapping on the screen anyway?
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Hello Ed

I'm not sure what you mean when you're speaking of the HTML view wrapping. The way to work on the HTML of a Text Widget hasn't changed, just the way of displaying the code in the HTML Editor has been improved. Can you maybe explain this to me again or give me more details?