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Something to think about:

worth thinking about - real time SEO.

Have you ever searched a topic that has just happened only to get old page results with nothing to do with the new event - this should sort it out.

For us site builders i think it puts an extra emphasis on blogging and social sharing.

If your 's**t' aint new - its old :)

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Posted 10 years ago

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Hey cool! Thanks for posting that. I think you are very right... blogging and social content would definitely be the thing!

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You need to tell the programmers to create a good SEO friendly RSS reader so we can add it to our sites. One of your main competitors (W.P) have an excellent plug in RSS/Twitter reader - i got 36 back links this week from a site which uses this - i tweeted a post and it showed up on 36 of his pages and was ranked as a back link on every page.

For me this is the most important realease you could make right now - forget about stupid log in member systems, seo friendly rss readers are a must.

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Yes, i completely agree with you, i hard code my rss as Google take this as original content from the homepage. Also been able to get backlinks into the site from Twitter would be a very helpful SEO tool.
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I agree 100% Lee....This ties into twitter/bing/google and what they are doing in real time searches...I do a few shouts outs each day with links and key words.....The Firefox Twitter Bar add on is great for this.....Check this out ....This is the real time search on Bing for tweets...Google will have one soon also....While there type in Hexham in search.
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John - your the man. 10 minute old tweet showing up - excellent.

How does that search algorithm work - is it the most recent? Or do i need to registar/verify something?

I notice you didnt add the # which ive been told speeds up searches.

Thats the coolest thing - you tweet and 10 minutes later its showing in search results. Love it.

I 100% respect your SEO knowledge, your site is testimony to that.

So how come i tweeted about hexham business 30 minutes ago but its not showing in those results?

any help would be great.
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Thanks Lee....If you post on twitter you are already showing up in this search.....always add some key search words and a link....It is odd though sometimes it shortens my link and other times I get the whole link....And yes sometimes I post and I have not been able to find it on bing/twitter search,I have no idea why....What I also do is see what the hottest search terms are at a given moment and see if I can twist the words into something about my site......I have also had luck getting site visits from my product photos being on flickr and picasa web albums.Here are a couple more twitter related sites.. they call that the twitter yellow pages and one for images
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An interesting email I received. The third one doesn't seem fair but I suspect it's probably true. Google Caffeine sounds interesting too.
So You Want Better Google Organic Results! by:
Gail Notestine, CGAP

Every web site owner would like to be #1, in
Google Organic.

If being #1, in organic search is your
fondist wish, I will tell you EXACTLY what needs
to be done to achieve this goal.


You must have a well-SEOd site, with meta
titles, keywords, tags and meticulous
XHTML. Bad code, means bad placement or being
TOTALLY ignored by all search engines. Google
placement depends upon inumerable factors, such
as geographical area, and how many "Perfect"
sites are competing for your search terms. (for
example; if there are 100 'perfectly SEOd'
sites and their search term comes up 1,000
times, each site would get #1 placement 10


Your site content must be relevant and contain
the proper keyword search terms. These must
match the "most searched" search terms in the
Google algorithim and your PPC Search Terms.
All links, in your navbar, MUST point to pages
on YOUR site, not to a sister site. (links
within your content are ok).

If your navbar points to other sites, Google
sees you as a Portal or Link Nest. No #1, for


You must have an active PPC Campaign, with
appropriate budget (according to Google's
calculations) Under-budget campaigns get
slapped on the hand #1.


You Must have relevant links pointing to your
site. This establishes a "trust Factor".
Google then knows that your site is what the
meta tags say it is.


You must be willing to spend the hour or so,
per day, necessary to keep up-to-date with
paradign changes within Google. (ie; Caffeine)