The Honey Bear needs some kind words from all of you... ;)

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OK so I have a project that I have been working on these last few months relating to website building and I need some kind words from anyone who wishes to offer them. I require as many testimonials as I can get my hands on to use on a website that I am building.

So... if you received any help from me, my posts or tips this past year (plus) then I would love to hear them and with your permission include them to my upcoming site.

They should be a sentence, a paragraph or a smoke signal long and as they are going to be on a Christian based website I would kindly ask for no profanities. ;)

You can either leave it here in this thread or email me at

That said, I thank you in advance...

Happy site building

You can find me with my head in the honey pot here..

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Posted 11 years ago

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Ed and his web sites have been real inspiration to me. He, his sites and his web help tips have basically showed me the path I walk today. Always willing to give and expects nothing in return, he is a true gentleman.

You could say, in website building terms, his word is gospel :)

I can assure you that Americans don’t have a great reputation in the international media... Ed is a constant reminder to me not to believe a word of it.

Although I have never met him face to face I think of him as a friend and wish him all the luck in the world.

Lee –


Feel free to use it if you like but make sure you get that back link in (joke)

Edit it if you like - i wasnt sure if you wanted us to talk to you or talk about you as the 3rd person.

And you can cut the gospel line if you feel it wont go down well.

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I like to think of myself and Ed as the "old men" of Yola, even though we were not there from the get go. We both started out, not a grey hair on our heads ;) and with no previous website building experience, a little more than a year ago.

Feeding off the help in the forums and Ed's site building innovations, it's been a steep, and the most enjoyable learning curve I've ever experienced.

Ed is legendary. Even my wife, family and friends who have never even built a site or read one of his fluid helpfull posts know of him. I'm still a little pissed off though that he pipped me at the post in the Yola makeover challenge, but argh he deserved it.

Just kidding about the last part....Well done my friend. Mwah.

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Hi Yola Members!

Is this guy Ed ever sleeping? Because every time when i asked a question he was there to help me!!! I don't even know where is he from or what he looks like!

I asked a question after a year and guess what, he did have the file saved there somewhere and he replied to my email better than a customer services rep. This is fantastic ! It's nice to know that there is somebody out there who cares about people!!!

Keep up the good work Ed, we love you mate!!!

Thanks Andy
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When one's faith is tested and yet you remain kind,courteous and find joy in helping others it defines what you really are.And now, we need to add professionalism to your kind,courteous and joyful resume.

Thank you Sir,
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I've done as per your instructions and works.....

Thanks very much mate, a shame that site don't work, as in i'm not selling anything but i've done everything as a hobby, i've got a job so i'm not waiting to get rich from that website.

Thanks a lot once again!!!

You are a star!!!

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One of the best ways to find out what kind of person one is, is to ask them to tell you about themselves. Ed has done just that at When you finish reading that and you read his caring and sharing threw Yola Community one can see a humble, caring, sharing person in all that he does.

Ed has brought a little heaven to all in all he’s does. The love that he has been giving he shared with all and ask for nothing in return. Threw the Yola Community Ed has given others, and myself, many wonderful things, some I can use, just because Ed wanted to share. Ed has never said I had to do this. He has always made it a suggestion.

Thank You & God Bless

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Thanks Guys... I need all the one liners and paragraphs I can get... ;)

The site that I am working on will I hope be out by the 15th of next month and as it relates to helping fellow Christians build their own free websites I need as many testimonials as I can get my furry paws on.

Seems strange reading your kind words as they are all so personal and a part of me can't wait until the 30 days are up so that this thread can be buried ;)

I am forever happy when someone gains something from that which I share and when they so eloquently express themselves as you all have done it hits home a little more than before. I have lived a modest life and this is a little much to handle for me but I so dearly need these testimonials for the website that I am working on.

I truly miss all the time I spent helping here in the forums and wish that I was able to return and rekindle that old friendship but I have so many things going on right now and not enough hours in the day. I will always look to those times with fond memories and a smile to my face. I do so ever love helping people in any way that I can and this wonderful resource Monique began all that time ago is for me and I am sure all of you a friend in itself. Strange to consider a forum as your friend but it is the resource and tool by which many a friendship was formed and when the time comes that I am no longer here I hope that I can in some small part live on in my posts and through those websites I had a part in enriching. That to me is way cool ;)

Now I need to find time to read through the last year+ of posts and find all those one liners people left me... I almost forgot them until just now. ;)

Thanks again everyone and Hppay Stie Bdulniig ;) ;) ;)
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Off topic but the image speaks for itself ;) Click on the image to enlarge...

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Thanks Ed for all the help. You are always there for us, especially me. Im thankful for you.
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I have more bookmarks from Ed's tips than just about anything else! He is extremely generous with his knowledge, experience and time. He has inspired me to keep learning and working to make better and better sites.