There are no dumb answers!

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We all know that there is no such thing as a dumb question, right? If you have a question about anything, no matter how trivial, chances are that at least one other person has the same question. By being brave enough to ask, you actually help others who might benefit from the answer.

This is the place to give and get answers! Just like there are no dumb questions, there are NO DUMB ANSWERS. If you have been a SynthaSite user for only a little while, and think you know the answer to someone's question, please jump in and share! You don't have to be an expert to answer a question. We are all here to give help as well as to receive it. Your answer might not be the only one, or even the best one, but it might just be what someone else needed to solve their particular problem. Anyone can ask a question and anyone can share an answer.

Have you just published your first website? Why not help another first -timer get theirs up and running? Do you know of just the right widget for someone who seems a little lost? Why not tell them about it?

I learn something every day from other people's questions and answers!
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Posted 11 years ago

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Thnx and YES..This is the first time I have a site on the web..Just excited and at the same time I am not an expert..wel you're right that there are no dumb questions and answers...You make me a lot more bolder in this new world of websites...
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Just a quick note to say thanks to synthasite and the other users for all the help and advise
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You are most welcome! We are happy you are having a positive SynthaSite experience.