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Hi guys,

This is a moan and a ideas suggestions at the same time.

You all know i love Yola, but i also love being on the winning team, my friend has just made a site with (i wont link it) WP -- its really got some good things on it,
These are the features i thought 'wow' about.

The whole blog side of things is in a different league. YOLA NEEDS THIS

There is a in-site site search which works really well. YOLA NEEDS THIS

There is a in-site RSS reader - really nice. YOLA NEEDS THIS

Better in-site image scrollers/galleries than i have ever seen. YOLA NEEDS THIS

In-site social share icons. YOLA NEEDS THIS

In-site log in. YOLA NEEDS THIS

All of the above add up to a great looking/feeling site. I think at WP they call some of the features above plug ins... Yola should perhaps think about this sytem of things if you dont want to confuse entry level builders.

If you want a link to the site that was built with WP and impressed me so much send me an email.

Looking forward to a response.

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Posted 9 years ago

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Thanks Lee! We would love to deliver some of these features as well us others that have been requested.

I am going to ask some other people from the company to respond to you, so that I can be sure more people get to see these requests.
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lee, most of those ideas sound great!!

i hope if they are brought out they are not all premium things,
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The first 5 suggestions yes they should be apart of the free builder, i think any kind of log in system that was worth anything should be a pro feature, i would only really want a log in that had a decent bit of database control, some things very basic users dont want or need to think about.
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I found WP to be difficult to make custom changes to and support was not great so Yola's still ahead of the game. But yola better watch out for another W (I won't name it but it rhymes with fix) I just got a newsletter from them with all the updates they're planning and it's pretty impressive if they make it work right
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Heh, Diane, I like the rhymes with fix part :) Thanks for your support of Yola! We're keeping our eyes open... as always our main goal is to create and support the very best site builder!
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Hi Lee

Thanks for your useful and constructive comments - as always! We are working hard at the moment on improving our existing features, and there are lots of great plans for features coming out next year - specifically to make designing, editing, and adding functionality to your site even easier.

We have also been discussing the plugin idea and that is something we hope to introduce in the future.

I hope to share some of our plans in more detail over the coming months - we don't want to divulge too much at the moment since we are still in the planning phase.

In the mean time, please keep the ideas coming - I assure you they are not falling on deaf ears.

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Thanks Rian,

Just to expand on a couple of points, things i'd like to see.
- the blog - more style control and built in comments
- rss readers - hosted at yola full style control
- social share - i'm sure this could be made pretty quick, a set of icons you drag into the page which allows that page to be shared acroos certain big social sites.

Thanks again Rian. Lee.
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I suggested something like this a few months ago: http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/an_idea_for_yola

I have had a lot of experience lately with WP and it is, well awesome! Though it's target audience is very different compared to Yola's. Plugins are one of the main reasons why Wordpress has become so popular, that and it's vast extensibility.

I would be interested if Yola did bring out something like this that would allow Yola "power" users to create plugins and to be able to submit their plugins for review by Yola. Though that would be alot of hard work for those already hard working programmers at Yola!