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Tradeitin will all consumers to trade in any belonging they want to trade in for something else with the same value. For example, an individual wants to trade in there nice 50” Samsung television for an Ipad three, but does not have the money money to buy a new one. However he or she does have a television which they never use which they could sale or trade it in directly to get what they are wanting (Ipad three) directly anyone to trade with. On the other hand, someone wants a new television, but he or she already spent the money and Ipad three and cannot afford to buy a new television. To solve both problems both consumers’ signup with, which there is one time small activation fee. Once they signup they communicate and both agree to trade product. Now both consumers are happy!!!

1. Both consumers will negotiate the worthiness and pricing of their products. To achieve this there will be a (chat link) which will allow them to communicate with the person they are doing business with. The will be a pricing estimation that will serve as a replacement of the product if the person does not follow through with the trade in of the product. As a result, the person who was supposed to receive the product they traded for will receive money in instead. This already assumes traders already agree to accept money as alternative if the other person does not follow through.
2. While chatting there will be various links onside of chatting, such as a required field for credit card on file, shipment, and agreement terms.
After pricing is decided for products which will take place in the chat discussion, there will be a (provide an amount field). Both consumers will be able to see the amount listed when a money amount is presented in the blank field. The amount listed will result with both buyers agreement to include value of product, shipping and/or packaging pricing.
• There will also be two (check icons) next to the “provide an amount link.” The two icons indicate whether both consumers agree or disagree on pricing. Unless both consumers check the icon they cannot proceed with the following.
• Next is a required (credit info field) both consumers must provide. This assumes if both consumers have a “PayPal” account. As before, there will be two “check icons,” both consumers must agree. This indicates whether or not both buyers have presented a credit card on file otherwise they cannot proceed to the following.
3. Once pricing is decided consumers will both agree to the “Tradetin terms and agreement.” There will also be two “check icons.”
4. The whole point of the site is to get people to trade in their stuff for different stuff or at least that is the idea. The money is only there to serve as a backup. Now for the questions to how I can achieve all of this.
• How much does cost to maintain a website with yola?
• Is it possible to set a login account for people to use? I want this to include basic info of the trader. Profile, Name, about me, list of items they want to trade in and so forth.
I want people to communicate.
• When signup can I set a onetime activation fee? The idea is to profit of course. I want to start small as far as gaining revenue.
• Can I set on main page, once people are login, categories of trade-in stuff such as electronic, cloths, and or furniture? I want people to have options of what they can trade
In and see who agrees to trade with them. for example, “toilet paper for a picture frame odd, but okay.”
• Is it possible to set a chat link as well as an email so traders can talk business directly?
• Onside of the chat link I want the Price field next to it, can this be done to where both traders, as both chat, see it? Once an amount is put it they can both see it.
• Next to the amount field I want to check boxes on the side. One for each trader. Can I do this to where they both have to check each box before they continue to check out? The idea is for them to agree the worthiness of their trade in products regarding value, and or shipping cost. The money is only to serve as backup plan. They will understand this.
• Is possible for them to put a required credit card on file and pend (not be touch) unless, like I said, one fails to ship their product. Once both receive their trade in items I want to money to go back to each of them? As quickly as possible.
• Towards completion, as they negotiate with the chatting icon, I want there to be a terms and agreement Icon. How can I do this?
• I want the two check boxes again for each trader so they both have to agree or they cannot finish check out.
• I want to set contact information how do I do that?
• Can you Yola people get me started?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Michael

It sounds like you have an interesting business idea. However, the site you would require to support it would be very advanced and require a great deal of custom coding. This is not really what Yola is designed for. Our tool is better suited to brochure type sites, and conventional eCommerce where goods are paid for with money rather than traded. We do not have the ability to provide unique secure log ins for your customers.

Some of what you are asking for is available, but my honest opinion is that overall Yola is not right for what you are trying to achieve. I would rather tell you this upfront so that you are not disappointed down the line after having invested time and money in your project.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and I wish you every success with your business venture.