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I would like to switch from the Yola blog to the integrated tumblr blog. How can I change the font color of post titles? How can I make sure my posts include comments under each? And how can I add sidebar navigation of tags, archives, search, etc? I saw these things on a blog used as an example in the Yola blog post about fresh content and SEO where tumblr was recommended. But my test of this using my first tumblr post just comes up very simple and all the same font and color, etc. with ony the post showing.
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Hello SaraL

Thank you for your post. These are really good questions! When you view your Tumblr blog on your original Tumblr blog page, you will see all these things you mentioned, tags, comments, etc. I'm aware that the Tumblr Widget on your Yola website shows a reduced and slightly changed view. The Tumblr Widget is an API provided by Tumblr, so the way it displays is controlled by them. Would you mind contacting their support and ask them your questions? You're welcome to share their response with us on this forum.

With regard to improving your SEO performance by using a blog, I'm sure that the Tumblr Widget will do its job. The most important formatting features, like bolding, links, etc. display in your Tumblr Widget, so this and the keywords mentioned in your posts can be crawled by search engines and improve your SEO because you're adding new content to your website.

For an advanced usage of your blog by your readers, such as commenting, rating, searching, etc., they will need to go to your Tumblr blog page to which you should link. This is the way I did it on my website where I have a Tumblr blog: awesum.biz.
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Why is there no linked title in an embedded tumblr blog to show the single post in my site?.

I have the embedded tumblr blog at http://bolsalista.com/blog and it shows me 10 stories with links to additional pages. That is great - these pages of stories are getting index in google. What about links to the individual stories? When I view my blog directly in tumblr you can link through each story to that individual story's page where comments can be made. Is there a way to do the same within my yola site? I want the user (and google) to be able to click trough the title of the story to see the story on its own page.
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Hi Ian,

Thanks for your message. The Tumblr Widget shows a condensed view of your Tumblr blog, so it won't include things like links to each individual post.

That being said, I doubt it will negatively impact your SEO because you have a well-indexed site already. I checked Google and it returns 165 results for your domain name:

Google results for bolsalista.com

The search results include links to your Tumblr, for example:


While we understand that title links on your Tumblr Widget would help with SEO, at this time we're not able to add that feature to the API. From what I can see, however, you are already doing a great job with your SEO and this one instance is not impacting your good results.

I hope that helps!
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Can you add a comment box that will show up on my site with Tumblr.

I have set up a Tumblr blog and I am wondering if I can have a way for people on my site to comment on the blogs posted with Tumblr?
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Comments are not currently displayed as a part of this integration but you can make that request with Tumblr as Stefan suggests above.