Two Domains: How Can I Point an Easy to Say Top Level URL Along with a SEO Top Level URL to my Yola Subdomain?

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I have two URL's: &

One I would like to verbally give out:, and
Another that is more Search Engine friendly:

Or another Example (site not real) would involve and Thai/ Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas:
www.greatwall.fake vs. www.thai-chinese-food-las-vegas.fake

How can I have both point to my Yola site (http://senior-housing-las-vegas.yolas...) so that I don't diminish my Google ranking?
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hello Bob

If you have already bought a domain somewhere else, and you would like to create a subdomain from that domain to publish to your Yola site - you definitely can! However, first you will need to configure your subdomain name to point to Yola. You do this by creating A records (address record) to point to this IP address: "".

Here is more information:

1. You'll need to create two A Records, create one with the name of the subdomain you would like to use (eg. group) and add Yola's IP address (
2. On the second A Record, under "Name" add *.name (where name is your subdomain) and the IP address is the same.
3. Your subdomain is then available as and (for example).
4. You will be able to publish a new site to that subdomain by choosing "Use my Domain" when clicking on "Publish to the web".

For more information, we have a tutorial outlining the steps to configuring your domain: Publish to a domain you already own.

Once you've pointed your domain, watch a step-by-step video on how to publish your site using a domain you already own, please see: Publish to an external domain.

Please let us know if you have any trouble with this.
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I'm sorry, I didn't inform you that I've already pointed both domains to my Yola site and created two A records in both domains. is currently set up correctly in Yola while is pointing to Yola, but it doesn't get to my site.

My questions is how can I point my "easy to say" Top Level URL ( along with a search engine friendly ( Top Level URL to my Yola Subdomain? I want to point both of them in a way that won't hurt my rating/standing with Google. How can I do this?

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Hi there Bob,

You can assign (publish) your domains to one of your sites by accessing the Advanced Domain Settings. For more information and steps, please take a look at this link: Assigning domains and creating a primary domain .

I hope this helps.
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Thanks for your response. I'm not sure why, but when I've tried to use links such as the one you used above, they take me to a page that merely has a search box. I try searching for your article, but I can;t seem to find it. Can you reply with the link for: Assigning domains and creating a primary domain? Thanks.

Bobby M.
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Hi Bob,

I see that the same happens for me when I try open that link, I will take a look at why this is happening.

With regards to your two domains, they have both been assigned to your senior-housing-las-vegas site. If you try all 3 of your URLs (the 2 custom, and the one .yolasite subdomain), they should all point yo your site and reflect in the address bar of the browser.
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I am a .tk user which have nearly 200 .tk domains in my account.

Google treats both and in the SAME way.

You can test it yourself by searching google.

For an example ,
search google using
" spicycelebs" and " spicy celebs"
It brings same results and have the domain name in bold , in BOTH Search queries.

If you need to get a short domain that easy to say , just get a domain which have 5-6 letters and point it to yola.
Then , ask yola to make your primary domain as the SEO friendly longer one.

Google only see your seo friendly long domain and ignores shorter one , because your primary domain is still the long one.
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To All:

Thank you all for your responses. I have two questions:

1. Now that my "easy to say" Top Level URL ( and my search engine friendly ( Top Level URL are pointing to my Yola Subdomain, will this hurt my rating/standing with Google?

2. If so, how can I work around it so it won't effect my rating?

I don't want Google to think that I'm trying to sneak something by them, thus doubling my rating? I remember reading a posting here, Yola Community, which stated Google looks poorly on duplicate material (double posting), and two domains pointing to one website.


P.S. Ayesh, I want my Domain Name to be optimized in the search engine. Your response appears to test/show how words are found on a website/page rather that how Google finds that damain (i.e., on the internet. It seems to be two different categories, but let me know if I'm looking wrong at this. By the way, the following article is the basis for my question:
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This should be okay since the domain is being redirected to the primary one. This link here is a good explanation as it can be confusing:
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Yea, Diane solved the rest.
Always use your SEO friendly domain to submit articles , directory inclusion and other backlink projects.
Also , you can use a 301 notification in Google Webmaster tools to prevent showing your easy to say URLs in search results.
Google webmaster tools > settings > site change
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Diane and Ayesh,

Thanks for your posting. I think you both gave me what I'm looking for. I'm going to look through the information now. You guys are AWESOME!!