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I am having alot of problems using the blog on yola. My entire site is built around blogging (every page has a blog on it) and it is causes a huge amount of time loss having to figit with these blogs and their auto formatting html. (Problem #1) is that the blog will not allow me to strip any formatting from which I have copied and pasted text. For example, if I write for a few days in a word processor and then attempt to copy and paste it into my blog, the blogger doesn't allow me to undo any formatting of the text from the original processor. When I click on html it has filled in loads of html that wasn't even there on the original text in the original program it was processed in. It jacks up the text size and font. Also, (problem #2) I can't even change the font from the blog text box. It gives me an option to make print bold or italicized and even change the color, but I can't change the font style as I am able to with usual text boxes. I have to go into the html editor and try to write html to edit the font style and even then if I make a change to another area of text it will revert back to some strange font. It is awful. The worst blogging platform I have ever seen. (Problem #3) Lastly, the most irritating thing is that this blog platform will do these things with text I have typed in directly into the text box of the blogger. It's not just copy and pasting (which is a problem I hope can be quickly resolved) but even if I type a short blog directly into the yola blogger, if I attempt to change the font size and style, it periodically decides to auto format areas of the text to something I haven't even asked for, usually the font style changes or I cannot change the size of the text or the color. My question is this. Is this going to be fixed any time soon? It's been doing it for awhile and I swear it is getting worse and worse. And lastly if it will be some time before anyone even looks into the blogger problems, is there any other blogging platform I can use with my yola pages? I will need to eventually upgrade my site to a paid site but I am NOT doing it until this is fixed. I'd rather build somewhere else and work with a blogger that works well before I pay for having to do this everyday. I don't mind dealing with it a little more if I know someone is actually going to fix these issues, but if not......
Seriously Frustrated,
Julie Branstetter
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Julie,

Tumbler is integrated with Yola so there's one lead.

Other people have created their blogs on other platforms such as WP and brought the pages into their Yolasite by way of a redirect or placing it in an iframe on a page. Both of these are a viable option. The iframe may be your best bet as it can appear as close as possible in appearance to your page design depending on the setup of the iframe. Blogger is similarly being used by others.

Just a note on copying and pasting from a wordprocessor. This can and most definitely has caused serious problems for many yola site authors. It can actually crash your site requiring a whole rewrite. The problem is with the formatting code used in these processors. It's not standard HTML it is its own standard and can and does cause conflicts. You need to copy any processed text into a stripping facility such as Notepad and then copy the text from that to then safely paste it into a page (blog or standard) pretty well in any platform.
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Hi Julie,

I just wanted to add to Gop's warnings about the perils of copying and pasting from any rich text wordprocessing software. It does cause all the side effects you noted and more! This is a problem all blogs and website builders face. For more details on this and techniques to scrub your text clean, please see this tutorial.