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been trying to update my website too see if can more work etc, any thoughts on it please as wanna get it looking good before upgrade www.airkooldomestics.co.uk

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Tony,

I saw your website and have a few suggestions that might make everything flow better.

First things first, you should look into a color scheme. With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. Color can be your most powerful design element if you learn to use it effectively. Seeing as you customized your background to a green tone, I suggest you stay in that area and see what other colors would work nicely with it. I made a preview of a color scheme into a banner that you could use below. If you implement these simple color changes throughout your whole site, it would make a large visual difference. You could also look into a different background with textures or designs.

Colors used in the banner:

  • Navy: # 003f6b  
  • Beige: # f5f5d7    
  • Mellow Green: # 7fa82c

Now for the layout of your website, make sure that all of your fonts are consistent in size. If you want to differentiate the information make all your titles 18px bold and regular font 14px. Having one page with a font of 12px and another with 25px makes the site look unprofessional and sloppy. Also, re-read through everything that you wrote on the website. There are some typos.

The information on your website could be labeled and sorted differently. A lot of your content is aligned to the left side of the screen. An easy fix to that is using a column divider. 

Page Header 

  • Your web pages shouldn't include your phone number in the header.  Put your company name in ALL CAPS instead. If you want to keep the number, try the footer of the page.

Menu Bar

  • Home / Services / Resources / About Us / Contact Us

Home Page

  • Add a centered title (OUR MISSION)
  • Horizontal Line
  • Column Divider – I would divide the paragraph that you have on your home page in half and put the first half on the left and the other half on the right. Remove your phone number and unbold the text.
  • Underneath that you could give your gallery a title (i.e. Supported Brands).

About Us 

  • This page is closely tied to the company’s mission statement, which is on the home page, so I don’t have much feedback for this; however you could add small profile pictures with the names and position title of the people in charge of the company or just a gallery of workers.


  • Merge the “Refrigeration” and “Appliance Services” tab together. Inside that page you can separate each section with a title and a horizontal line. Use bullet points for your lists.

Resources- (Currently Tech tab)

  • Main page: Add a title (MANUALS). Use a column divider widget and drag all your files between the two columns or change the full layout of the page to 2-3 columns.
  • Procedures (Sub Menu): Instead of separating all your procedures for products to their own individual page bring them all into one page and separate the information with horizontal lines...You could even make this page into a blog. There are widgets that can search for information by keywords so if someone is looking for a specific brand and there are too many procedures to look through, they can find what they need.
  • Thermostat Guides (Sub Menu): I don’t understand the information within this page so try to move things around and use horizontal lines. Bold and italicize some of the text so it is easier to read. Give the page a title too. 

I hope this helps.