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I think that there should be an option on Yola to upload your own template.
I have thought about this and here are the problems:
1. Yola wouldn't be able to put the footer at the bottom saying website made by Yola.com.
2. Could mess up the whole site.
3. Would have to be able to unzip zipped templates.
4. Would have to be able to read the layout so that you wouldn't get text every ware.

So I thought that there could be a small group (1 or 2) volunteers looking at user-submitted templates seeing if they are worth going on the site builder.
At the end of every month they will send there templates off to the developers they will properly just keep them till they have enough time to put them on or they might do it before the end of the day.
If Yola has this feature then I think it will get popular as I haven't yet found a free online web designing package that does this yet.
And lots of people would like to be able to upload there work.
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Dill Shellard

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Posted 11 years ago

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looks like you have thought this through :) i like this idea!
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Dill Shellard

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Thanks Alex! :)
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Dill Shellard

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I just thought if this whole designing a css template thing took off we could have a template of the month.
I think I am being rather ambitious here though.
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Hi Dill,
Thanks for the great idea! Options that allow users to create their own CSS are on the agenda for the future, but it will take lots of engineering so we ask for your patience.

That's a nice idea that you have for new styles and I will forward this on to our team for consideration in the future. Thanks!

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yay! it will be so excellent that users may custom CSS!
then, I also wish you may publish the original CSS, that may be helpful to CSS new learners! :3
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same Idea as me lol :)
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As a first start it would be great to have simple feature for advanced users to upload a single css file (fixed name) which can be used to modify existing yola designs. This is easy to implement, since you don't have to make any changes to the yola design interface and you don't have to deal with zip files.

Of course this is no solution for novice users, but for me as a power user this missing feature is the only reason why I'm still using weebly.
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Monique, VP of Customer Support

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Thanks Thomas! I have passed on this request to our developers. We would like to include more options for our power users and this one seems to be worth exploring.
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Hi Thomas, I'm a novice user, just left weebly due to slow loading, freezing on loadup, parts of icons missing. Bye the way what's a power user?
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You can edit existing yola designs by just overriding it, eg. the existing yola design css is #menu{ , you can overide this by putting this into a html widget and editing it.
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Hi Woolyback,

Welcome to Yola! I guess you could say that a power user is someone who has a little more HTML or coding experience than your average Yola customer.