urgent please help-save+publish dont react- tun of work unsaved- how to?

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Hi, please help me I have tuns of work on my site and everything works, just not those 3 buttons:


the save will even get alive, when I click into the widget, but when I click on save it will go white and nothing- no reaction


when I open the site in the next window there these buttons work properly,

I can even publish the site there but the UNSAVED DAY work changes will not apply- only the last saved work...

so thats a big problem-

if I refresh the site

or save page as

I am likely to lose all my work, correct? or will it save then?
I am really worried to try something like that as many times I need to publish my work 3x before I get all my changes corectly visible on published website...
and many times firefox -yola freezes, explorer was even worse...
so what can I do to save MY PAGE WHEN SAVE BUTTON DOES NOT WORK???

Please help, what can I do, how to save that one page where the buttons stopped working?

many thanks
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Posted 7 years ago

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or if I open a different page from the index chart- will it ask me 100% if I want to save the changes and then not just get frozen, but truly save my page work?

or if I click the refresh button next to index chart pages on my yola website- will than my work get saved or will I lose it all?

I have no more ideas how to save that tuns of work on my one page...
anybody could rescue me?:)
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f---------! at 3:37am europian time I have lost those tuns of work- can yola recovere it???
I went to buy golden membership thinking that maybe it will then refresh itself and I went back, by the button on that page and it saved my page but to the previous day-saved not today- so I lost it all- f---------------h-------------l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§§§§§
I am really p--------------- off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so unreliable!!!!
can anyone recover it if it was not saved???
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Hello lili

I'm very sorry to hear that, that's terrible! Unfortunately there is no way to recover unsaved content. It is recommendable to save your changes in short intervals to avoid loss of work if something unforeseen comes in between. Which browser are you using? Are you using Yola on a laptop or computer? Can you let me know which of your sites is affected, so that I can have a look?
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thanks, it was silly of me to continue the work when save button was not working-
I am using firefox on a laptop (before I used explorer and all was freezing even more often) when I opened it in another window it was working and today it works...the problem is it is very unreliable- not a smooth run at all...

I will save now for sure:)

As you are an official rep, Stefan, can you tell me, how comes that yola banner- make a free website- is fine on all pages in firefox
but in explorer only 2 out of 6 pages show the correctly designed banner, the rest no vector, just the text of 3sentences...?

Also gallery 6images are in explorer 5+1- not in one line as in firefox
+gradient tool in color box is not visible in explorer if I design in firefox-
do I have to re-design in both firefox and then explorer to get identical sites in both browsers???

And because I have 1000s widgets including images+text on my site which I cannot really save as I will have to do one by one copy...(I cannot use save all as it will save only one widget at the time and it is more of a labor work )
I will prefere to keep my site html
if there should be another crisis and chance of losing my saved or published work-

so where can I get my site html (do I need then also css code?)???
to have it all the time as I go...
to be able to put the html into my facebook or again in yola
and it will look exactly as my site...
I do save page as - double- but I would prefere to have my html to have the copy of my site
especially when I have heard yola does not do backup of free sites...

Many thanks for your help, Stefan
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Also anytime I open any page on my site I get this
WARNING: Unresponsive script

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

press continue
when I press continue it takes few minutes before it opens-
could that be causing these problems with sometimes inactive buttons:
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I mean if I go to File-Site setting-
even if I do a preview of different page than index-home page
it always shows in the SITE HTML
only the html
for the index-home page...not the whole site!
so where do I get html of my whole site?

and if I then copy it into my email as a back up-
where will I then put it to have the exact site?

(if I place it in html widget it would not work, correct?
as I placed there the sidebuilder page link before losing my work and it just displayed the link, not the designed page...so I guess there is a better way to do it-
I mean where I get the html link if I want to publish the exact same site e.g. in my different yolasite-
see, what html link I need and where I can get it- of my publish site+where do I place it then?