Very Disappointed In You, Yola - Time for me and my friends to move.

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Where do I start?
I didn't mind when you brought the free option of sites down to 2 from 5sites.
Then You Removed The $9.99 removal footer a year.
NOW, your charging customers that bought a domain elsewhere , they are now forced to buy hosting to use it.Well Yola, I'm very sad to see that your in it for the greed and money.

I will be moving my sites to weebly, and telling my friends also.

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Posted 8 years ago

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As much as I enjoy Yola and will keep using it as I have to many sites dependant on it.

I have to agree that every time I read an email from Yola regarding price re-structuring I get very disappointed. I can't believe Yola actually thinks their silver package is worth over $119/year. You can get good WorPress/Drupal/Joomla hosting at that price. I actually mis the days of $45 silver annually.

Yola will argue that they have added a lot of functionality to justify the increase. And while I agree that Yola has improved and added service. All the good ones such as mail, online store, etc are over and above your silver price.

Plus I mean Yola silver has a 100MB file limit, no FTP storage access and no member login for Yola built sites. This is truly appalling, considering what I get from some other very good cPanel Hosts for less than $9/Month.

Yola pick up your game!
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Good Answer. Totally True. :)
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To keep your costs as low as possible, without leaving Yola, please consider this shop solution:
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Hey Marc,

This is a valuable find for yola website creators but please don't spam the forum. You have already posted similar about this site and product at the same time, there's no need to reproduce it on this forum at the same time..
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Official Response
@NiallFlynn: Yola is working to build a long term, sustainable business. I find it a little unfair that you characterize this as being "in it for greed and the money." Obviously it is the goal of any business to be profitable and if this wasn't our goal we would have to close down completely for obvious reasons. All business review their pricing and product offerings as their own costs increase in order to continue operating.

Having said that, we believe that we offer the best value for money for small businesses looking to launch and grow their online presence. We understand that our service might not be right for everyone and we encourage customers to select the best website builder for their needs. To this end we wish you and your friends every success as you make your selection.

@Jeremy: as you have pointed out, we have added many features to our Silver package and we have launched a Bronze package as well. We will be adding to our existing packages and releasing new ones in future. Our target customers do not typically need to host files of more than 100MB or use FTP. However, they do need an easy, best of breed drag and drop sitebuilder, secure and reliable hosting, SEO tools, mobile and Facebook publishing and more to help them easily create a professional website.

If you are a small business who is looking for an opportunity to try out our sitebuilder for free and are then willing to make a small monthly or annual investment to grow your online presence, then Yola has the best product on the market for you! If you are a hobby or personal user, or an advanced web developer looking to hand code your site then we happily concede that there are other services out there better suited to your needs.

Our goal is to be great at what we do and offer the best value for money for our target customers, rather than trying to be all things to all people. To this end we plan to continue to develop and improve, using the money our customers pay us to release even better features while continuing to provide the ones that millions depend on every day.
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Yes I totally understand a business needs to make a profit,
But your changing everything to make even more money,And forcing the "free" customers to pay for things,Its better off getting rid of the free option at this stage within a few months it will be down to 1 website and 1mb upload files.You would be making a profit if you stayed with the $9.99 footer removal,

You would be making a profit with the $39.99 premium template buy's,Ye just want to force everyone to become a premium which isn't a good tactic,i just bought a new domain from godaddy and i can't use it because i need to upgrade for "Bronze" $5/month which is stupid as i only want a small personal website - Which a few months back i could do it for free.Thats why i said ye were greedy - now the free option is useless..
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I just think they need to offer a wider range of options; instead of paying for a large package, much of which you don't need, they could offer smaller things as separate payments. For example; separate footer removal payment, separate premium template purchase, separate custom domain payment.
That way customers can pick and choose what they want.
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I agree. Good answer :) Why can't yola staff see this...