Very Disappointed with Yola.

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What has happened here? Yola had so much promise that I paid for an upgrade some years ago. Presumably, the entire dev team died sometime during this membership as Yola stopped focusing on their product in favor of focusing on their customers' money. As soon as my membership expired, I was dropped like a hot brick.

After nearly four years, the file manager is still unusable, the photo optimization still sucks, the sitebuilder is still buggy, the support forum is a ghost town, and no new features have been added whatsoever. The only difference is that now half of the same old broken features are being witheld until I pay an arm and a leg for a proper membership.

The last straw came when I attempted to contact support via email but was promptly informed that I had not given Yola enough money for them to give a flying buttress about me and that I would have to pay to get any customer service.

So, in short, thank you, Yola, for turning into a greedy bunch of corporate monkeys forcing people to pay to have full access to the websites that they already built on a service that was never very good in the first place. If you actually read this, I would kindly like a download link for all of the files on my site so that I may move on to another hosting company that has not yet lost their way.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hello Ace,

Unfortunately the download facility has been stopped. There is currently no way to download your site file for migration.
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Fantastic. So do I have to pay for that too? Or have Yola simply broken everything and absconded with the money?
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Hi 27ace27

We do read all posts and I would like to respond to yours in detail. While I take your dissatisfaction very seriously and believe that there is a great deal that we can and should do to improve our product and services, I feel that the way you have characterized us is extremely inaccurate and I do hope I can clear up any misunderstandings that may have arisen. We are actively developing our product and supporting our customers on a daily basis. While we have not "broken everything" or abandoned our customers, if something is broken for you or if you are in need of support then we are here to address this.

I am really sorry to read how disappointed you are with us. However, I am happy to tell you that our dev team is alive and well and actively working on our product and releasing new features. While it is true that if you do not renew your subscription you lose access to premium features, we have not "dropped you like a hot brick" and still respond via our support channels to assist you with the management of your account.

First of all, I would like to reply to Gop's reply. What he has said is accurate, but it is not an answer to your specific question. While it is not possible to download and export your entire site as is, you can download your files. Jeremy is currently replying to your support case to assist you with this.

Now in response to your specific complaints:

1) In the past 4 years we have added many new features, and if I were to list them all here this post would get very long. So I will simply refer to our most recent addition, the Style Designer, which rolls in many of our most requested customization features into an easy to use style editor. More info here: Many of the requested features over the last few years have been released, and many others are still on the roadmap. In some cases we have not scheduled requested features for development because they do not fit in with our core product or the needs of the majority of users, but if a specific feature or features you were looking for are not available let us know and we can tell you were we stand on these. While it is true that we haven't done everything we would like to, and still plan to, it is extremely inaccurate to say that no new features whatsoever have been released in the last four years, so without knowing specifically which features you are looking for I cannot give a more substantive reply other than to say that this is not the case.

2) Photo optimization "still sucks": We have invested substantial work into improving the performance of our image optimizer and have had feedback that it is working much faster than it used to. If you could share some details of why it is problematic for you then we can either investigate this or let you know if you are facing a known issue. However, without more detail I can't comment more specifically.

3) The file manager is "still unusuable": We very much agree that the file manager is in need of improvement but it should not be unusable - can you explain why you find it to be this way? If you are unable to do basic file management that would be a serious problem that we would need to address urgently. However, if you are looking for improvements then we would like to know what they are so that we can consider them if we have not done so already.

4) The sitebuilder is "still buggy": The sitebuilder will always have bugs, just like all other software that is constantly being developed. However, we fix a large number of bugs on a daily basis so once again I can only comment if you specify which bugs you are still seeing.

5) The support forum is a ghost town: We encourage customers, both free and paid to make use of our support forum and ensure that all posts receive a reply as soon as possible, either by other members of the community or by our staff who monitor this forum and respond as needed.

6) You referred to the automatic response you received when you submitted your support request. As your subscription has lapsed, you received the auto-response sent to our free users. We are very sorry that you interpreted this as a lack of caring on our part as this is far from the case and we take pains to explain this in the message you received. As we have grown to a customer base of over 8 million users, it has become humanly impossible to reply to each and every email we receive without significantly increasing our costs. As such we encourage free users to make use of our self service and community channels so that they can continue to receive support. Once we have answered all emails from premium customers we go through as many of the emails from free users as we possibly can and answer those as well - hence the reply you are receiving here as well as the answer on how to download your site files on the support case you submitted. However, since we cannot guarantee a response to emails from free users at the current time we advise people of this and make them aware of alternative channels they can use in the interim in the hopes that this will allow everyone to receive help as quickly as possible.

7) We do not withhold access to your website if you do not renew your subscription. Your site is still available in your account and you can retrieve your content and export your files. Your site does go offline until you either renew or bring your account within the limits of a free package. We believe that this is fair and allows us to remain in business, while allowing customers to make their choices about renewing, downgrading or moving their sites if they so choose. The reason you cannot export the entire site and upload it elsewhere is that it is impossible for us to ensure that our sites will run on a wide variety other hosting platforms.

I hope this at least addresses some of your concerns. If you would like to know more about our existing features, recent releases, roadmap for future development or any specific bugs you wish to report we are available to discuss this further.